I’ve Changed…..Really Changed.

I began changing about four years ago but only recently started realizing how much.

• I look the same.
• I weigh the same.
• I sound the same.
• I’m still happily married to the same man.
• My faith and devotion to the Lord is still the same.
• My love for our family is the same.
• I still hold the same world view.
• My love for art is the same.
• My love for our cats is the same.
• We live in the same state, same city, same neighborhood, same house.
• I still tell our children and grandchildren the same stories at family events.
• I still complain about the same things; the bathroom scales, cat hair, exercise.
• I still have the same messy art studio.
• My dislike for rules and regulations is the same..unless I make them.
• I read the same kinds of books…biographies and history preferred.
• I still have the same unruly hair.
• For vacations I want to go to the same place every time…Disney World.
• I still have the same small group of friends…the Girlfriends.
• Good heavens! This must stop. Too much sameness.

So, what’s new, Adele? What has changed?

• I now have a blog (That’s what you are reading right now.)
• We have two cats, not just one.
• I have a new website (my fifth one, in all).
• I’ve read only 10 books so far this year. I used to read one per week on average.
• I’m painting in watercolors for the summer. Acrylics will have to wait.
• I don’t go to the gym anymore…at least I haven’t gone this year.
• I no longer like to cook and have no objection to fast food.
• I belong to our local art society and exhibit in their shows and at a local cafe.
• That’s enough. Even I’m getting bored!

But the real change in me has come from the actions of other people (not our family); things that have been said and done; new structures, new attitudes, a new order of things. There were things that used to matter greatly to me…..but decisions, attitudes and actions of others changed them and forever. I was first shocked, then disappointed and finally forced to think differently. At the time I wasn’t ready to think differently. Now I do.

Through these four years my attitudes have changed…really changed. There are brand new things that matter greatly to me and some very familiar things that now seem wonderful and new.

How did I get through all this change and come out on the other side so positive and happy? It is because I know and belong to the One who is constant, unchanging, ever-faithful and kind, forgiving and the source of all power, grace and knowledge…..the Lord Jesus Christ.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”
Hebrews 13:8
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7 thoughts on “I’ve Changed…..Really Changed.

  1. I loved reading this post and am so thankful that our Lord brings us through every dark night to a blessed dawn with Him. I love you and David, and I constantly thank God for your testimony for Christ and your faithfulness to Him, regardless of what may come. xox

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