My New Year’s Resolution for April

No, I’m not giving up waffles and strawberries for 2017. No, I’m not on a diet…….should I be? Don’t answer that. No, I’m not denying myself something I enjoy. My New Year’s Resolution for April is only a positive.

Late last year I decided to make a change in the area of new year’s resolutions. Instead of making one, all encompassing, year-long vow….I would take one month at a time. Further, it would be a resolution to follow a fresh, new Scripture from God’s Word…..different each month.

Oh, I’m very good at making resolutions, vows, and plans, but not so good at keeping them. One time I started a diet and made it…….all….the….way….to…lunch that same day, before I decided I had made a bad decision. Onward.

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice”.

_____Philippians 4:4

This wonderful verse kept coming to my mind over the past week, so I decided it would be my April Resolution……to follow as closely as possible, with the help of the Lord. I know He will help; it is His Word, after all.

Most of the time I have no trouble rejoicing in little things; the sound of our cats purring, a good TV show, lunch, rain (gentle), plans to see the family soon, sweet scented soap, putting on my old blue jeans shirt when it gets too cold in my work room, and things like that.

But nothing compares to rejoicing in the Lord and meditating on all He has done for me…..and for you….if you belong to Him. When I occupy my mind with just a few of His marvelous gifts, there is no room for anything else and I’m happy.

The word rejoice appears 194 times in the Bible, so it must be of some significance. Paul, the Apostle thought it had significance, so he repeated it. I’m listening and I will follow.

‘Til He Shouts,



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