My 10-Step Program……

I’ve learned there are approximately 10 steps to take to be in an art show. It involves much more than I had anticipated when I  entered my first one years ago.

The requirements and rules differ from art group to art group but must be carefully followed. I suppose being in a one-woman show instead of a group show would have less rules. I’ve only had one one-woman show and the only people I had to please was myself and of course, the gallery owner. It went well.

Back to the group show. Here are a few things I’ve learned about getting ready. I’m sure I have forgotten some steps that I will be forced to remember as the date gets closer. Remember, these steps vary from art show to art show.

Step One: You must have paintings available to enter. This step may take weeks.

Step One B: The paintings must be no more than 2 years old. Maybe someday I’ll have a one-woman show to exhibit ALL my paintings which have never seen the light of day at an exhibit. I suspect this is when some artists decide to open their own gallery. But I won’t go that far.  How To Paint graphic with copyright on sleeveStep Two: Learn the art group rules for submission. Be sure your dues are paid up-to-date. Make multiple copies of the submission forms…in case of error or a change of mind. Remember, “size” must include the frame…not just the image area. If you are lucky (read that “experienced”) you already know your Category (Professional, Semi-Professional, Student, etc) and pricing. Don’t adjust your prices; they should be the same as on your website, blog, Facebook. Be consistent. It’s the fair thing to do.

Step Three: Order frames. Yikes! Sticker shock! Before placing your order for new frames, go through your closet and see if there are any “used” frames you can use for this show.  Ah! Here’s one…just pop out the painting and there you have a frame ready….IF you have a painting that fits. Back to Step One!.

Wood Nymph #3 edited for FB

Step Four: Order all the other frames needed. Remember, these online orders take time. I just did that this morning! Wow!

Step Five: Redo Step Two submission form because you can’t afford that many new frames.

Step Six: Check out the venue if it is near-by. My next show venue is near-by and it’s lovely. Now I’m getting excited.

The Pavilion at Kingwood Country Club, Kingwood, Texas

The Pavilion at KCC graphic CRClick photo to enlarge.

Step Seven: Quick! Pencil in the date on your desk calendar in INK! If you can find room.

My office supervisor on the job.foro Blog 2013Baby Abby Cat in my office.

Step Eight: Here is the  REALLY hard part of being in a show; plan what you are going to wear to the show.  Of course, you can always drop off your paintings then leave, but that’s no fun.   When I paint, my “ensemble” is very casual…layered with a ratty old smock and apron……not suitable for an art show. You do not have to look “arty”, unless you want that image.

This photo shows the real me and

Adele, 12

…………What NOT To Wear! Adele, age 12.

Step Nine: Ask yourself, “Will anyone come, and how much do I care?” This is an important step. Make your expectations very, very low. I’m  the Queen of High Expectations, according to my husband, so this is one of my most important steps.

Step Ten: Publicize…..via Facebook, your blog,  mailed invitations, word-of-mouth, sky-writing, smoke signals….whatever is your style. But you MUST publicize…at least , that’s what all the experts say.

Okay. There you have my “Ten-Step Program to Your Next Art Show”. If I think of another step I’ll let you know. Or you can let me know what I’ve forgotten.

Oh yes! My next ART SHOW:

The Lake Houston Area Artists Fall Show, formerly the Kingwood Art Society

  Saturday, November 16, 12 noon to 4 PM….a come and go event. At the Pavilion of the Kingwood Country Club, Kingwood, Texas.

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Wedding Anniversary #61


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Yes, sixty-one years! Hooray! Celebrate!

Invitation and table easel CR(Click on photos to enlarge.)

Wedding portrait and reception CRDavid and Adele 2013-happier than ever! Rev.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight”

Proverbs 3: 5 and 6


“Congratulations” 12″ x 12″ Acrylic on museum quality panel

Available on my website:, original or a fine art print.

ART NEWS: I will exhibit a few paintings from my “30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge” collection at the Lake Houston Area Artists fall show. It will be held at the Pavilion of the Kingwood Country Club, Kingwood, Texas,  Saturday, November 16, 2013 from 12 noon until 4 PM. The painting above will be in the show.

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“George…Are You Awake?”

When something happens to me that is funny, confusing, curious, or otherwise just out-of-the-ordinary, I usually  write about it.  I write a lot.  “The Mentor” is about an actual happening several years ago. I came home and wrote it right away.

The Mentor

By Adele Bower © 2013

“George”, I whispered. “George. Are you awake?” I said softly.

“Umbleurgle sloop,” he replied.

“What? George, are you awake?” I raised my voice a little.

“Pdulcoeby  sllctt.”



“Are you awake?” I said sweetly.

“No, I was just resting my eyes. I always do that at 2 A.M.”, Jenny.

“George, I have a question about something that happened today and often happens.”

“What, Jenny?” George said with resignation.  

After all, he knows he is the spiritual leader of this home and should always be ready, willing, and able to give good counsel anytime. Encouraged by his enthusiasm, I went on.

“George, you remember that I was asked to be a mentor to younger women at our church?” I asked.

“Yes, Jenny. I remember.”

“And that I was so excited and honored to be recognized for my wisdom and experience?” I asked.

“Yes, Jenny. I remember.”

“Well, now that we are two months into our women’s ministry fall program, I don’t feel so honored and wise”, I moaned pitifully.

“Why ish dat, Jenny?” George said.

I noticed his voice was getting lower and his speech a bit garbled.

I sat up in bed, fluffed my pillow, and rearranged the covers… know,  do something quick. George was drifting back to sleep.

Still sitting up in bed, I began. “Yesterday during women’s ministry Bible study, we had our special time for small group prayer and share. I’m a leader…an older Christian Mom, full of wisdom and experience, right? Well, not one of them acted the least bit interested in my opinions. In fact, one young mother pointed out that things had changed since I raised our children and my advice showed that I just didn’t understand and couldn’t relate to what they are up against.”

Taking a moment to catch my breath, I continued. “How should I have answered her, George? I thought they wanted my counsel based on Biblical principles I had applied to raising our three children. They’ve become wonderful Christian young adults, haven’t they, George? What should I have said, George?”


“George, are you awake?”

 “Guess I’ll ask him in the morning.


cat snoozing cropped

“Cat Snoozing”, computer illustration by Adele Bower

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DONE! My 30-30 Challenge is complete! Yay!

To celebrate the completion of the 30 PAINTINGS IN 30 DAYS CHALLENGE and keeping in my final theme “Favorite Things Around the House” , I selected two of my favorite “things” around the house to paint.

29-Tomboy Bower

Painting #29

“Tomboy” 8″ x 8″ acrylic on canvas panel.

30-Abby Cat Bower

Painting #30

“Abby Cat” 8″ x 8″ acrylic on canvas panel.

I even made a montage (aka, a collage) of all the paintings in the challenge. 30-30 Montage for  FB

What a wonderful time I’ve just had during the month of September, 2013. I don’t plan to do it again anytime soon, but I’ll never forget it. I actually miss it. So I asked myself “What have you learned?” Here are a few of my answers:

1. I enjoy and work best with a deadline. Go figure!

2. I LOVE acrylics….but I knew that already.

3. Have a good set-up; all your supplies in good order, brushes and palette cleaned every day (or more often), plenty of paint and panels on hand, ideas and photo references at hand or in your computer, and don’t forget to feed the cats.

Tomboy peeking around my easel 9-26-13

4. Have a theme…or two…or three! You don’t have time to stop and think up ideas.

5. Have your website ready so you can post your finished art every day…..for sale!

6. Post it on Facebook and your blog. I LOVE the feedback! Your friends will be an encouragement and will hold you accountable. (Example: I ran into a friend at the supermarket. She said “Aren’t you supposed to be painting?” My answer: ” Yes. But I  ran out of Blue Bell Italian Cream Cake Ice Cream, for goodness sake.” While there we spoke with a Blue Bell representative, who told us some bad news …”That flavor has been discontinued until next year!” Sniff! Sniff!

Bllue Bell Italian Cream Cake Ice Cream

And 7. I need to make a plan for my next art project!

SOME BAD NEWS: My IT Guy and resident computer guru,  David, tells me my computer is having some serious symptoms of a possible imminent  breakdown

and has called the repairman who will come next week. I don’t know what to expect but will know in a few days.


Do me a favor, please, and visit my “Print Shop” where I’ve posted a bunch of my art, in five separate “galleries”, Landscapes, Figurative, Floral, Animals, and Still Life.

There you can order fine art prints of my artwork at very reasonable prices….and beautifully reproduced on canvas, paper, metal, acrylic…framed or unframed. Each painting can be printed into greeting cards. You may add your own text or leave the inside page blank for special messages and greetings.

And now, my art can be printed onto an iPhone case cover.Flower Spot w CopyRight

There are three stages in the work of God; impossible, difficult, done.”______a quote from James Hudson Taylor, English Missionary.

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