Art Show Fall-Out

Our startling adventure when we delivered my paintings to the art show.

It’s important for the reader to know that artists are very attached to and sentimental about their work.  Just to say we are careful with our paintings would be an understatement.

The evening before the art show I reverently wrapped my eight paintings and packed them into carrying cases in preparation for the two mile drive to the Art Show the next day.  Well, Saturday morning as we unwrapped the first painting at the venue ……it fell out of the frame; all the way to the floor. Dropping a painting to the floor is startling and nerve-wracking and just plain awful.

My selfie(I’m so glad I did this portrait of myself. I use it a lot!)

After recovering somewhat, we unwrapped another one and that painting also fell out of its frame. Why did that happen and at such a time? Here was clearly one reason I always get a headache when a glue-gun is mentioned! Thinking I MIGHT need it, I had brought some serious glue with me and we hastily began to do the repair. Meanwhile a volunteer stood waiting to hang them on the exhibit panels. She had a lot of work to do, which did not include standing around waiting for glue to dry.

David had to first scrape the old glue-gun residue off the back of the paintings before we could apply the new glue. As soon as I had completed the gluing and placed it back in the frame I wanted to press it down firmly for a few minutes. Instead, the volunteer took it and hung it on a panel…..vertically, of course. I had visions of arriving at the opening of the show and finding at least two of my paintings lying on the floor, glued to the carpet. The judge would probably not take the trouble to critique anything on the floor….specially if she couldn’t get it unstuck from the carpet. The glue would probably work perfectly then, of course, stuck to the carpet!

 We repaired the second painting and did a quick, nervous check of the other 6 paintings I had entered. All seemed tight enough. Fingers crossed here! We went back home to wait until the show opened at noon.

When we arrived  I was so relieved to find them all hanging with the paintings still in their frames, AND one was sporting a “Second Place” (Professional Category) award ribbon, titled “At Tharri Monastery-Rhodes”. Yay! All was well and lots of fun after all. Plus, one of the first paintings to come unglued that morning won the “Peoples Choice” Award later on that afternoon, coincidentally titled, “Congratulations”.

Fall Show graphic 2013

The glue episode made a good story to share with all my friends who came to the show…and to you, my blog-following friends!

You are probably wondering how in the world a painting can fall out of a frame and be glued back in. I used floater frames on five of the paintings.They are very good looking and well made.

Floater frames-front and back graphic

 I order my frames from King of Frames in Costa Mesa, California,  The frames arrive completely finished in the back. All that is needed is to glue your painting on its back and place it into the frame on front, of course. I first used the glue-gun because I thought I could pop the painting out in case it did not sell at the show and use the frame a second time for a different painting in the future. That’s not going to happen now, since I used the world’s best glue for repair. Those two paintings are forever together with their frame. I may rethink my frame choices in the future. NO glue-gun and NO glue!

None of the above has discouraged me from continuing to paint  in my little workroom/studio, creating yet another series of paintings for the next show. I’m just a wiser framer.  My plan is to begin a series of paintings of Santa Fe, New Mexico. A good idea.

“I want to meet a guy named Art. I’d take him to a museum,hang him on the wall, criticize him, and leave.”― Jarod Kintz

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The Houston Texans Football Team

Why I would make a lousy football coach!

My blog is intended as an art blog, but some other interests of mine are so important they can’t be ignored; like The Houston Texans football team. Remember in my last blog I mentioned how much I like to talk? Well, this morning I was airing my feelings and emotions about the game yesterday against the Raiders. But when I got tired of just talking to the mirror in my dressing room, (my husband was as far away as he could get and working in his home office)…… I thought “Hey, I have a blog…all my own…the perfect place to….talk!”

When I was in high school and on our drill team, I attended every football game. Soon I began to think I would like to be a football coach instead of an artist. After all, I had a grasp of terms such as first downs, four downs, over-on-downs, field goals, touchdowns and I even learned to spot which player was the Quarterback…..IF they were lined up for the next play. However, when I graduated I drifted into the art field. My head had cleared but I did not lose my love for watching the game.

My husband is also a fan of the Houston Texans, but being a perfectionist he doesn’t like to actually watch the game. He bought me a “Smart TV” for our bedroom. He prefers watching a science fiction flick at that time.  When a fabulous play happens I yell for him and he comes running to see the wonderful play. Good ‘ole DVR. My TV is so smart, I barely know how to turn it on, and I’m not kidding.

We have two sons, both of whom played baseball growing up and dabbled in football. We also have three Grandsons, one of whom played football until a torn ACL and four surgeries due to that injury ended his football dreams. He has accepted that and is in his third year of college and doing well.  All our Grands, including the Granddaughters, are outstanding young people…but I’m getting off the subject.

I suspect now that I was probably the ONLY person in the universe who said yesterday….”Oh, I’m so happy they are giving Matt a chance to play”. I ran down the hall to tell David the good news. I like Matt Schaub and always will. Of course, knowing only a teeny bit about football gives me free rein to love whomever and  whatever I choose to love. No real discernment or accountability is required of me. But don’t get me wrong; the Bower household and extended family is rife with graduates of the University of Houston and Case Keenum has long been our favorite Quarterback. We are thrilled to have him on the Texans team. But shouldn’t everyone get a chance to play?  I sound like a little league parent, don’t I? But that’s me.

Yes, I would make a lousy football coach because…

I look at football through the eyes of a Mother and a Grandmother. I care about every one of the players, even the opposing team players. I’ve even cried recently and prayed for a player on the other team when he was badly injured. I hate injuries. Frequently, I say “Bless his heart” when a player misses a perfectly thrown pass, or fumbles the ball on the 1/2 yard line. Then when coach Kubiak collapsed on the field two Sunday’s ago…I was traumatized. I was stunned into silence except for saying over and over again, “Bless his heart”. (I’m a native Texan…that’s what we say!) I wondered how in the world those players could go out on the field to play the second half. I know, I know….they lost…..but….wow, that took focus. I prayed for them all.

It’s a good thing I chose art instead of football coaching. The world has never missed me on the sidelines. But I’ll be right back in my very own recliner, with my very own Smart TV next Sunday and saying……”Bless their hearts” and…..


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Your Personality and Everything Else

What does your personality have to do with your life?

Does it matter if you understand yourself? Will understanding your Personality help your work, relationships with family, friends and parenting?

Of these few questions the only one I frequently asked myself was “Will understanding my personality help me with my work as an artist? When meeting someone new or a distant friend they would ask me what I do. “I’m an artist.” Oh really, that’s interesting. What medium to you use? Yikes! Here’s that darn question again to which I would always give a dumb answer, “It depends on what day or month it is.”

You can see I had worked on a perky answer to give just in case. When they would repeat the question or begin to walk away I would hang on to them and say “You see, I like acrylics, oils, watercolor, pen/ink, pencil, charcoal, art markers, even computer art.” I would continue “After using one medium for a day, or week, or month, I inevitably yearn to get back to one of the others.” If my questioner was also an artist, they would just shake their head and look for the exit. If they were not a fellow artist, they would look like they were sorry they had asked. No one ever stopped to give me counsel on my particular and strange problem, so it continued.

Little did I know that I would soon get an answer. One day more than a decade ago while going through my mail I came across a brochure advertising a seminar coming to Houston. It was about learning how to be a public speaker and a published author. Wow! How did they know I’ve always wanted to be a public speaker?


(This is what my speaker-dreams looked like! Out of humility, I’m not showing the huge crowd laughing out loud or just hanging on my every word.)

Furthermore, how did they know I had written and illustrated two children’s books and was trying to get a publisher but without success? I’ll write more about that in a future blog. I couldn’t register quick enough. The seminar was more than I could have asked for and in a few months I was effectively working on my dreams. (I’ll let you know now that the speaker-dream and the publishing dream have both come true. Yay!) I studied and worked very hard using all their advice and techniques. Meanwhile, they advertised yet another seminar teaching about our personalities…how to understand yourself as well as others. So I registered for that seminar, also. Again, I attended, studied, wrote papers, read books, and worked hard, and gradually my questions began to be answered.

It wasn’t easy to determine my own personality, but I became “expert” in recognizing the personality of others…….or so I hoped! I finally learned that I had a Sanguine Personality. At first I was happy about that, but as I learned about the weaknesses of that personality, I decided to call myself a “Recovering Sanguine.” To stick with the main question I posed in the opening paragraph of this blog, I learned that I am impulsive and very easily bored and find it difficult to stay with one thing until it is finished. There you have it. I was relieved. At least it explained my switching from one medium to the next. But I still do not have a coherent answer to the question that keeps coming up.

I have spoken on The Personalities and other subjects to women’s groups such as weekend retreats, luncheons, Personality parties, 12 week courses covering all aspects, banquets, to professional groups and others. The more I study about the Personalities and teach others, the more I learn.

One Sanguine strength is loving to talk, but we were taught that a strength used to extreme becomes a weakness. Darn! I still work on that particular strength/weakness. Also, the Sanguine wants to be the center of attention at all times. Yeah! Not good. My favorite Sanguine strength is that I think everyone loves me; or is that a weakness? The Sanguine loves color, friends, showing-off, talking, all that sort of thing, which brings me to one thing that allows this Sanguine an opportunity to do all of these at once:

My Art Exhibit…… Saturday, November 16, 2013.

I’m a member of the Lake Houston Area Artists and we are having our annual Fall art show and competition this next Saturday in the Pavilion of Kingwood Country Club here in the Livable Forest called Kingwood, Texas. All members will be showing their beautiful work. Me too. What better place for a Sanguine to be. Oh yes, I’m showing mostly acrylics, but one oil painting. Hope to see you there.

Email invitation to fall art show for Blog 11-9-13

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