My New Year’s Resolution for August

Last December I couldn’t come up with a new year’s resolution that I knew I would keep….for one entire year. Therefore, I decided to make twelve separate resolutions, one for each month as they arrived. So far it seems to be working and more effectively.

Since “sharing” my concerns and worries with my husband is part of my daily routine, it occurred to me while reading Philippians that my “sharing” might be just plain, old complaining. Of course, “sharing” sounds much more spiritual, doesn’t it?

“Do everything without complaining or arguing,

so that you may become blameless and pure, children

of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation,

in which you shine like stars in the universe.”

 ____Philippians 2:14-15a


For years I’ve understood complaining and arguing to be sinful, but I must admit I was pleased to know the Lord promises to make me “shine like stars in the universe”, if I give up the habit of “sharing” in this manner.

I am resolved; at least, I plan to review and practice this beautiful verse as much as possible this August. Maybe it will become a habit to “share” only things that are beautiful, lovely, and of good report and leave the complaining and arguing far behind.

‘Til He Shouts!

Not Quite Wimbledon

With all the excitement of Wimbledon 2017 still in the air I’m reminded of my “glory” days in sports. High up on the top of the book shelf in my art studio are my three sport trophies; two bowling and one tennis. I think I’m the most proud of the tennis trophy. It has engraved on it


Kingwood Country Club


Ladies B Doubles


Yes, I know…it was country club tennis…….. ladies country club tennis and the B Flight. Nevertheless, I could not be more proud of myself and my tennis partner, Darla.  We developed a pretty good game and loved every minute. Plus I had a great tan.

Back in that day I was an avid tennis player playing 2 or 3 times a week for over 25 years and was a regular sub for the Houston Ladies Tennis Association.  I never quite earned the lofty status of a regular HLTA player, but my tennis partner and I played for them frequently as subs.

Finally I retired from tennis to pursue my art. At the time I thought I was too old to play tennis. Ha! Now I know I probably should have continued for a few more years. But I still have my memories and my trophy, but the tan is gone. However, my art has greatly improved.

Roger Federer’s accomplishments in tennis are almost unbelievable; 8th time Wimbledon winner, plus 19 Grand Slams Championships. Congratulations, Roger, well done. For some reason I have always preferred to watch men’s tennis on television, rather than women’s.


Back to the drawing board!




My New Year’s Resolution for July


“Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands…”

_____1 Thessalonians 4:11a

Paul’s God-inspired advice here sounds very good to me and desirable. Of course, I’m an older woman, retired, and have a hobby (my art) that I thoroughly enjoy. I have very little desire to be rushing around, meeting deadlines, fulfilling the expectations of others……in fact, maybe no desire for those things at all. The way I prefer to do my art hobby is with solitude and quiet. Many of my artist friends get all set up to paint, and then turn on music. I prefer to paint or draw in silence.

Our children are all grown, in fact, our grandchildren are all grown, so I have almost no responsibility in their lives. But I have not forgotten the demands of those years caring for three children and our household; the expectations of our church and community as well as several years working in art and advertising studios.

Considering how blessed I am with such a quiet life, it might be thought I have no trouble at all finding peace and quietness. But at times I do. My joy and peace can be stolen away when I allow it to be; when I carelessly read, or watch, or think about things that are disturbing, or when I try to do too much. When I was younger I managed to foolishly get involved in a lot of activities that were a constant challenge to maintain. It seemed to be the goal of  young mothers back in the day……to be so busy everyone would be very impressed with our accomplishments. Or not. I finally realized  I could do a lot of things poorly or a few things really well and chose the latter. I learned to say a convincing “No” to requests for more of my time. Things got better.

“This is what the Sovereign LORD, the Holy One of Israel, says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength……….”

_____Isaiah 30:15a

The Lord’s strength was what I needed then and still what I need now. He graciously offers it to you and me if we follow His Word.

I know Abby Cat does very little work with her hands, but she certainly knows how to take it easy and enjoy  a quiet life. At times our other cat, Tomboy, disturbs her attempt to mind her own business but she has a strong will and overcomes even his playfulness.

My resolution for July is to enjoy the Lord’s blessings, small or great and not permit anything to disturb my peace. I’m not even going to “try” to be at peace; but believe His word and promise in Isaiah 30:15a.

‘Til He Shouts!