Life With Them: Happiness is a Wet Towel

AC on wet towel for blogSee Rat in the basket,,,right side up? That won’t last.

For a creature who is extremely picky about EVERYTHING… usually takes very little to please Abby Cat. Seems inconsistent. Take, for instance, an old wet towel, recently used to dry the dishes, the counter tops….to me it is just a towel to be thrown in the washer…………. to Abby Cat it’s happiness.

Now I like fragrant things; flowers, cologne, perfume, talc, room spray, hair spray, fresh cut grass, rain on the way…..a variety of fragrances. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to my appreciation for fragrance. But, as I said, I like variety. But not, Abby Cat. She  doesn’t  like…..ANYTHING to change. Nothing! Change to her means danger and something to be carefully avoided. She does NOT like variety…..or change. Keep everything exactly the same….exactly the same………please!

To continue my story; The other day I decided it was time to wash her beach towel which is where she lounges most of the day on top the washer. ….all day, every day. I was excited to try my clothes washing detergent with the brand new fragrance…Hawaiian Delight, or was it, Caribbean Breezes? Anyway, it was different. I like variety and it was lovely to smell.

Abby Cat didn’t agree. When the beach towel was dry, still warm and oh so fragrant, I spread it out on the washer. She immediately jumped up there…..but carefully avoided the beach towel the entire time clinging dangerously close to the little edge of the washer not covered by the beach towel. Silly cat! She sat there on the tippy edge for about 30 minutes. I wasn’t going to indulge her whim!…she needed to learn. She jumped down and walked off with ears back; she had been betrayed.

Meanwhile, I finished cleaning the kitchen and tossed the wet used towel on top the washer to wash later. Yeah, you guessed it; Abby Cat immediately jumped up onto the wet towel ON the beach towel, stretched out and stayed there until lunch.

Okay, Abby Cat…you are right! Happiness IS a wet towel.

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