Grand Isle Fishermen

Grand Isle Fishermen for FB 5-11-16

“Grand Isle Fishermen”

Oil painting by Adele Bower

Now available as a fine art print.

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I confess I’m not a fisherman. I’ve quipped before that I don’t fish because then I would run the risk of catching a fish….actually catching one on the end of my line and I’m not prepared to deal with that. But I do appreciate the love others have for fishing as a sport and certainly appreciate fishing as an industry.

“You will find angling [fishing] to be like the virtue of humility,

which has a calmness of spirit and a world of other blessings attending upon it.”

______Izaak Walton

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A Great Illustrator

Howard Chandler Christy was a great illustrator. At one point in his legendary career he illustrated the poem, “An Old Sweetheart of Mine”, by James Whitcomb Riley. The poem with the illustrations was published as a book in 1902. James Whitcomb Riley was an accomplished and famous poet. I don’t know which of these two creative geniuses would have been the most honored to be paired with the other in a book.An Old Sweetheart of Mine

“An Old Sweetheart of Mine”

This beautiful book was in our library at home when I was a child and I looked at the illustrations very often, dreaming about what it must be like to have the kind of talent and ability as Mr. Christy. It is now one of my prized possessions. You may go online to see more of Christy’s art; I’m very cautious about posting someone else’s artwork in my blogs, considering the copyright laws. The book is still available on Amazon.

A few years back I was thinking about Christy’s ethereal style and tried my hand at it. I chose to use pastels and my imagination and produced “The Necklace”. Maybe I should write a poem, too.


The Necklace with copyright

“The Necklace” A pastel painting by Adele Bower

I learned a long time ago how easily influenced I am by great art. If I see a great painting or sketch I immediately want to try doing it myself……and I spend lots of time doing just that. My guess is it is helpful, but I always came away more impressed than ever with the skill of the one I currently admired the most.

Who knows? Maybe someone day I’ll decide the style I like the most and stick with it.

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I first wrote and published “A Great Illustrator”,┬áin August 2015.