My Fear of Facetiming

Nothing has motivated me more to hurry up and put on my makeup right out of my morning shower… Facetiming. I used to languish about until noon with nothing on my well-scrubbed face but moisturizer……plus I would rarely attempt to fix my hair. You see, if I “comb” my hair like normal people do, I would look like one of those weeds you blow on to watch all the darling little parts fly away. Very frizzy.

But now….scary words…..”but now” there’s Facetiming. Wasn’t having to come up with a decent Profile photo of yourself enough anguish to deal with in our technologically advanced world? Sidebar: I always put a recent photo of myself on my Profile photo, just in case I run into a Facebook friend in real life. I don’t want her to be too startled about how I’ve aged.

Back to Facetiming. To keep this blog somewhat helpful on the spiritual side, I’ll mention the most famous role-model of all time….the Proberbs 31 woman. To be totally transparent, a popular word today…transparent, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with her. Can any woman be that wonderful? That accomplished? That successful? That busy? I have to tell myself the answer must be “Yes, of course. It’s God’s Word.” And seriously, I believe what our Lord says and will do my best, with His help to develop more of her qualities.

However, in defense of myself, she didn’t have to contend with Facetiming, or all the other demanding technological milestones as we 21st century women do. Right?

But here’s the real problem: We are blessed with the most beautiful, wonderful, accomplished, active family of children, grand-children, and now a gorgeous little curly-headed great-granddaughter……and I want to hear their voices, to know everything going on in their lives; I want to see them up close, and want to hear their news. So I’ll continue to Facetime with them……even if I point my phone to Tomboy Cat so he is all they see. He’s much cuter.

I know what a lot of you are thinking: “Adele there are ways to solve this problem.” But they require more time learning complicated¬† technology and I’m much too busy “…trying to be far more than rubies” (Proverbs 31:10b) and “..working eagerly with my hands.” (Proverbs 31:13).

Now you know! All this wisdom came to me this morning when I sat down in my office to begin my daily busy-ness, and realized I was in eminent danger of Facetiming and rushed to my make-up place.

Facetiming is not going away….and I’m certainly happy about that.

‘Til He Shouts!