Wet-On-Dry Class

Winged Figure with copyright

Wet-On-Dry Watercolor Technique Class

                     is in session!


The instructor (me) has painted almost exclusively in another medium, acrylic and an occasional oil. Yikes! But, hey, I know a little more about watercolor painting today than I did last week. In my small world that makes me an expert.  By the way, my self-portrait showing me wearing my wings is NOT a watercolor. I know, I know…my waistline hasn’t been that small since elementary school, but the wings are real. I did this illustration with fine art markers on marker paper. I love, love, love fine art markers. I learned to use fine art markers in art school; until then I thought markers were made to write the kids names on their lunch bags for school…you know, a different color each day to add variety and excitement.

Back to watercolors. Referring to my earlier blog, “Odd Paper” (July 20, 2015), my technique of choice was wet-on- wet…meaning I would dip my brush in water, dampen an area of the paper, then saturate my brush with the color-of-choice and lightly touch the dampened area. Magic! The glorious color would spread and float in interesting directions….but still controlled by me.

My painting, “Natural Beauty”,  is an example of wet-on-wet on regular 180 lb. (or was it 300 lb.?) watercolor paper. The ink stays right in place, never smearing.Flower Spot w CopyRightClick here for information about “Natural Beauty” fine art print.

However, with my new watercolor journal containing 24 pages of this very odd paper, the color didn’t know when to stop creating magic….here, there and everywhere.

Determined to take charge of this process, I opened my journal (yes, the one with the odd paper) and did a quick ink sketch and started to work….wet on dry.

Lyndsay's Flower in progress

With no wet pathway to travel, the color stayed in place. I learned I could use much richer, high-value color with this technique. I enjoyed it. I used to wonder how some of the great watercolorists such as Winslow Homer, achieved such rich colors. At last I have at least one little hint.  No, goodness no, I’m not comparing myself to Winslow Homer…. but maybe in a year or so. Grin!Lyndsay's Flower

Many thanks to one of my favorite people for giving me permission to paint from a beautiful photo she took of flowers in her backyard. Thanks, Lyndsay.  But please do not tell her that I painted it first, then asked permission. No, I wouldn’t post it without her permission which she graciously gave. Photographers are artists, also, and have copyrights.

Now, give it a try.  You know as much about wet-on-dry watercolor technique as I do. Maybe teaching a workshop is in your future.

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Missions Accomplished!

They’re back…

Missions Accomplished graphic 7-24-15…and we are very grateful to have them back. Our daughter, Karen worked in Kolkata, India with a team from their church. As a professional dance instructor, she had the joy of teaching dance to some ladies there as well as sharing the gospel of Christ with them. Judging from listening to a few of her stories from the trip, she had a wonderful and fulfilling ministry. The Lord even provided business class seats for the entire team on the 16 hour trip back from Dubai.

Julia worked as one of the adult leaders (she is 19) from their church, responsible for sixty-six middle school students on mission in Montana for a week. She has served there before, as well as in other states, and twice in Nicaragua. She is in her second year at the College of Biblical Studies in Houston, Texas and a year-round Intern on staff at their church. She regularly teaches Bible classes at their church among her other responsibilities.

How did I handle all this travel and “far-away-ness” of our loved ones? Barely. Lots of prayer and claiming of the Lord’s promises got me through this month. David always seems to do well with these tests; you know, the strong, quiet type. Of course, he is busier than I, working almost all day, every day as an online missionary  for Global Media Outreach. To say he takes his ministry very seriously, would be an understatement.  Along with the trips of our world-traveler son who works in the oil and gas industry, we have had experience in this area. But it never gets……ordinary….it is never taken for granted.

Once a long time ago, our eldest son, Kevan, told us he wanted to apply to serve in the army band in Seoul, Korea. He was in the Army.  At that time there had been a major international incident on the DMZ, which threatened world turmoil. I protested to him. I can remember it so clearly…..our tall, handsome son leaning against the kitchen bar and calmly saying,  “Mom, Jesus Christ is in Korea, also.” What more could I say? Outcome? He was assigned to a different band, in the States, but I’ll never forget being corrected by him. He was right and I needed his words.

But soon they will all be home. Our eldest Granddaughter, Emily and her husband Alex are in London where she is completing graduate work at the London School of Economics. They should be back  in the USA this fall.

‘Til He Shouts!

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Seagulls framed“Seagulls”

Hi There,

I just uploaded my painting, “Seagulls” to Fine Art America (I call FAA my “Print Shop”). Here is an example of  my painting, “Seagulls”, all printed and framed by Fine Art America. There are many choices of sizes, papers, mats and frames. Or you may choose to have the image printed on canvas. In fact, FAA offers prints on tote bags, throw pillows and other surfaces.  FAA does beautiful work. FAA ships directly to you.

Click Here For Information About “Seagulls”

Back to the drawing board to create more! Hope you wonderful friends are having a great day!

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Odd Paper

It all started when I saw the sketch book of an artist I admire. I liked the idea of something unusual to spark my summer 2015 watercolor project and ordered what she was using; a hard-cover journal of handmade paper.

Summer 2015 Project materialsIt arrived and I took a good look…….the paper was beautiful and new to me…..I stared at it wondering what I had done. The paper is handmade and has deckle edges…a work of art in itself.  I wondered and stared at the lovely paper off and on for a few months. I know….strange, but I was intimidated and hesitant to ruin its beauty with my artwork.  Finally when time to begin  my second annual Summer Watercolor Project was upon me, I needed to use this paper or buy another kind.

I took my own challenge and have completed ten sketches so far in this journal and soon discovered it was more of a challenge than I had expected. The paper is bumpy, stringy, and highly absorbent.

Blue Evening on draw. board 1

“Blue Evening”.…….No pencil, no ink, just watercolor.

My favorite technique for watercolor/ink sketching is to first do a very light pencil sketch then add the watercolor and carefully erase the pencil. With this paper that technique is not recommended unless you are intrigued by little strings of paper catching lots of the color and adding strange unidentifiable objects here and there in your art. Therefore I changed my technique; no pencil sketch…just go straight to watercolor. By the way, this is considered THE PROPER WAY to watercolor..if that is important to you.

 About The Highly Absorbent Part

Little stringy things scattered throughout my artwork was not going to be the only challenge; don’t forget I said highly absorbent. In the world of watercolor art there are generally two basic techniques; wet on wet, (the paper is dampened before adding the watercolors) and wet on dry (the paper is left dry as you add the watercolors). Of course, there is always dry brush, but I’ll leave that for another blog. I like wet on wet but gorgeous, odd, handmade paper doesn’t!


“Seagulls”…….The seagulls were actually two of those little stringy things. Worked well. I added a little ink for emphasis.

Detail of Seagull painting 7-20-15

Detail of “Seagulls”. In painting bodies of water, usually in the distance the horizon line is straight. Forget that if you are using this paper. Of course, I can always call it Impressionism, can’t I? The watercolor bleeds up, down, sideways; it is in control, not the artist.

I Could Always Quit

But I won’t. I’m already working on the next one using a free-hand ink sketch first, then wet on dry. I’ll let you see how that turns out.

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Facebook Fatigue

Self-portrait for Blog 7-16-15I’m sad, I’m disappointed, I’m angry, I’m discouraged, I’m disgusted, I’m exhausted, I’m shocked,  I’m fatigued and I have only myself to blame. Why all this whining and angst, you ask?

The reason is I’ve been faithfully reading my Facebook News Feed.

Oh sure, occasionally I come across a post that I find entertaining or encouraging, but by that time I’ve trudged through post after post of very negative thoughts and images.

An Easy Solution

Get off Facebook…once and for all. This is not a new thought. I’ve experienced the “I’m” statements above for quite a while, but have done nothing to change it. Instead……….

  • I would grieve over how much I would miss all my Facebook friends.
  • I would rationalize Facebook provides a way to show my art.
  • I would not be able to brag about my Grandchildren as easily or show their adorable photos.

Bullet Point One: The truth is I would much rather have lunch out with a friend or invite a bunch over to our house for sandwiches and a movie than just read about them on Facebook.

Bullet Point Two: The truth is  I have a website for selling my original art and another  website from which to sell my art as fine art prints. Each one gets large numbers of unique visitors (meaning first time visitors) and regulars. Sales are good in light of this current art market.  I have a blog, (as you  are aware); I can advertise my art there if I choose. Then of course, I exhibit my newest art at art shows, mostly local…….and everyone is invited to attend. I’ll announce the art shows on my blog.

Bullet Point Three: Now this is a hard one. Maybe I’ll just post their photos and activities on my blog.

An Unexpected Blessing From A Friend

Why now? What has changed or happened? A few days ago a sweet friend sent me a book as a surprise (Thank you, Debbie!) and I read it all the way through without stopping except for necessities.  I desperately needed this book and knew it immediately. It held a mirror up in front of me and said “SEE!..That’s You, Adele!” and I did not like what I saw.  The book challenged me, taught me, shamed me, and gave me specific instructions on what to do about it.

I Will Follow The Instructions and Take Action

Oh yes, the book is “The 4:8 Principle” by Tommy Newberry.

You have probably recognized the meaning of 4:8 as referring to the Scripture in God’s Holy Word, Philippians 4:8

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things.”

Through the years this powerful Scripture had already changed many of my habits, the books I read, the movies I watch, how I talk about others, on and on…but I still had more to consider; how I spend my time and how it affects the way I think about things.

Not For Everyone

In this blog, my intention is to speak about and to myself only and how the Lord has been directing me. I’m not speaking for or to anyone else. We Christians are all His children and in His loving care and direction. I will post this blog on Facebook for a while in order to let my Friends know where I am.

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If you are interested in little ‘ole me, my art, my family, and my cats, please subscribe to my blog, right here on this post. I would love to share my stories and read your comments. Then of course, there is always email.

‘Til He Shouts! (1 Thessalonians 4:16)

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Abby Cat And The Angels

Abby Cat Watching Angels 7-14-15

Most evenings David and I settle down in our comfy recliners to watch a movie. Tomboy Cat curls up in David’s lap and Abby Cat in mine…..a sweet little family scene. However, every night Abby Cat finds it difficult to curl up and go to sleep. After all, she has to watch the angels.

Yes, she watches the angels up above our heads in the corner of our den; she watches them as they move across the den, totally unafraid and undisturbed. Friends, before you offer an explanation let me make a comment. If she saw a bug, she would not remain calm, but vigorously pursue it, leaping to catch it if it came into reach, which has happened. It is not dust in the air; nothing new there. We have dust in the air all the time and she ignores it. Good thing!

Any friend who has known me at least a year or two, has probably heard my stories about how our three babies watched the angels. They did a little more than watch them….they “communicated” with them….with little arms stretched out toward them, waving slightly, and saying darling little baby words and smiling. This happened at different times with each of the three children. I loved it.

Yes, of course, I believe in angels; our Lord Jesus Christ spoke of them frequently, they are mentioned hundreds of times in His Holy Word. By the way, Our Lord spoke about heaven, also, and that’s all the proof I need or will ever need that heaven exists. Even a causal word search through the Holy Bible will confirm the existence and ministry of angels. Who am I to question it?

Why shouldn’t our babies believe in the angels, just as their parents do? One of the songs, I sang to them almost every night of their lives before they fell asleep spoke of angels. I confirmed their faith in God’s Word and His protection of them over and over again.

“All night, all day.
Angels watching over me, my Lord.
All night, all day.
Angels watching over me.

Sun is a-setting in the West;
Angels watching over me, my Lord.
Sleep my child, take your rest;
Angels watching over me.

All night, all day.
Angels watching over me, my Lord.
All night, all day.
Angels watching over me.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
Angels watching over me, my Lord.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
Angels watching over me.

All night, all day.
Angels watching over me, my Lord.
All night, all day.
Angels watching over me.”

(ANGELS WATCHING OVER ME…..Author unknown)

“Are not angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?” Hebrews 1:14

‘Til He Shouts”

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(Oh my, even the verse I use to sign off in my blogs and emails mentions angels.)

“For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the arch-angel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.” 1 Thessalonians 4:16

Now that’s something to look forward to; in fact, it is referred to as “the blessed hope.” Can’t wait!