Life With Them!

It was inevitable. My blog has turned into a place to write whatever I want to write…..about art, or not about art; about trips, or not about trips; about the Houston Texans football team, or not about the Houston Texans football team; poems I’ve written, or not poems I’ve written; holidays and anniversaries, or not about holidays and anniversaries; Personalities or not about Personalities; it’s totally up to me. Yay and hooray! I’m free at last!

Now I can write about “Them”….a kind of Journal about our cats.

Meet Them 6-23-14

Meet ABBY CAT: One hot Houston day in the summer of 2009, Abby Cat came into our lives. David was looking at cars on the Honda car lot near our neighborhood when he spotted a tiny, black and white clump of a kitten under a car snuggled up against a tire. She looked up at him and immediately went into her “Ninja Cat” act…charging him on her back legs with her front paws outstretched..claws and all.  Was she trying to scare him away or trying to play?  Being only about 2 pounds of kitten, she wasn’t very scary. The salesmen at the dealership said they had been feeding her for about a week and he could have her if he could catch her. Eventually, with several people helping out, she was caught.  David was well-aware of our agreement to “Never get pets again, now that we are retired”…..he decided to call me first. Piece of cake! He brought her home in a box. Through this journal I’ll tell you how our life changed…for the better.

Meet TOMBOY: After three years as the only cat, Abby Cat was joined by a little eight month old brother….Tomboy. We suspected that he was the neighborhood “Don Juan”, living large roaming the neighborhood and getting food hand-outs from every homeowner on his route….including David. It wasn’t long before David became seriously concerned about the homeless cat’s well-being. It was the late fall of 2012 and would get colder. Finally in January 2013 David took him to the vet for all the necessary shots, operation, general check-up and two days later brought him into our house. Abby Cat was fascinated at first and followed him everywhere…all over the house.

Coming Home graphic for FB

 There was no turning back now. Resolutions or no resolutions, our lives had changed. Cats, like all God’s creatures, great or small, have their very own personalities. Tomboy and Abby Cat have opposite personalities. Like humans, cats personalities are easier to determine when they are full or almost full grown. Abby Cat has a peaceful and perfect personality; while Tomboy has a fun-loving, bossy, leader-type one. Let the fun begin!

They say one should write about what they know. However, I recently read that one should write about what they like. I prefer like. I know a lot of things not worth writing about, but  I like our cats; they are funny, messy, destructive, cuddly, annoying, demanding, under-foot, and all-around….wonderful.

One anecdote, then I’ll close. This morning I was turning the corner in our hallway and was confronted by Tomboy chasing Abby Cat down the hall toward me. When I appeared from around the corner, they did and unbelievably LOUD 180 degree turn, and ran like crazy back the other way. Abby Cat’s tail stayed frizzed for the next half-hour.

More to come! Stay happy!first name signature






7 thoughts on “Life With Them!

  1. Love hearing about the fun cat things that go on at your house. We have 2 cats also; however, our older cat is not feeling well – he has hyperthyroidism – and is never in a mood to play. So now Izzy has chosen our Pom dog as her playmate. They are fun to watch.

    • Hi Jackie, I’m glad you enjoyed “Life With Them”. Everyday Tomboy and Abby Cat provide something funny, silly, or completely aggravating, so I finally decided to put it in writing. I have a lot of catching-up to do, and it’s fun.

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