In the artist doldrums……

Orville on swing with copy

(This is Orville, Emmie’s big brother. He is supposed to be mowing the lawn.)

Doldrums: n…a spell of listlessness, inactivity, or stagnation.

Yikes! That sounds awful….but actually it accurately describes me pretty well over the last week or two; at least when it applies to my artistic endeavors. During that time I have produced two paintings…….two! When I was a commercial illustrator, I would do two art projects before lunch. Of course, I had to answer to the art director at the end of the day.

But I have:

  • cleaned my worktable,
  • scrubbed my palette of all old dried paint,
  • washed the brushes,
  • dusted the tubes of paint,
  • rearranged the book shelf,
  • read blogs from my favorite artists,
  • taken photos and filed them in my “Photos for Art” file,
  • vacuumed out the cat hair underneath every surface in my studio, (I’m saving the cat hair and plan to make a really big comforter stuffed with it),
  • read two books (Oops! Both unrelated to art),
  • considered switching mediums, (Not now! Too expensive!)
  •  taken extra naps due to all the activity listed above.

And, worst of all, I have no excuses, none, not one, period. I’m not otherwise employed, have my own air conditioned studio space ( I don’t paint plein air),  lots of time, and have enough art supplies and paraphernalia to start my own art supply store. But one thing I don’t have… art director requiring me to turn in my work sheet all filled out with what I produced that day and how long did it take. He had to bill the client, after all.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Please…NO! I’m not advertising for an art director, just trying to understand myself. I don’t like rules and regulations or tight schedules, but they do make me produce art. Strange, isn’t it?

Honestly, I do understand myself. I’m a Certified Personality Trainer and have taught the subject to women’s groups many times with much success for several years. Yes, I do understand my own Personality….both my strengths and  weaknesses. But discipline must be applied when mere knowledge fails. Okay, I get it. Practice what I teach!

Therefore, after confessing my lack of excuses and looking at my shiny clean studio and worktable, I’m heading to the easel. At times it helps to just admit shortcomings. But not everything!

Please visit my website. I have actually done a lot of paintings. There you will find a few. Click on “Paintings”

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4 thoughts on “In the artist doldrums……

  1. Now that the studio is ship-shape, your sails are set to catch the next inspirational breeze! Carry on, Adele!

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