Cozy Cafe

Cozy Cafe for FB w. copyright

“Cozy Cafe” 

8″ x 8″ oil painting on museum quality panel. Artist: Adele Bower

Doing a painting is interesting. First I have an idea for a painting. Then I plan it; the colors I will use, the size panel as a surface, maybe even the title…… no time at all I have created in my imagination my greatest painting EVER.  I think, “This will be my big breakthrough, I’ll be famous, I’ll be contacted to teach workshops, hold TV interviews, offered a big time gallery showing.” You know….the usual. Soon I can’t wait to get started.

First things first…..I select the size of panel (a basic necessity….you MUST have a surface to paint on). I find references to suit my idea……a photo of flowers, umbrellas, chairs, trees and make a quick sketch on the panel, using a light pigment or a pastel pencil. Very good. ” This is going to be a great painting”, I say to myself. “I’ll start right now”. It’s about 5 in the evening and I’m tired, but….I’m so excited.

I should know better. While in art school often it was necessary to work on my homework assignment well into the night. The next morning as I packed up my portfolio to go to class, I noticed what a truly bad job I had done on that assignment; it even had smudged fingerprints around the edges. Too late, time to go.

But this evening it would be different….this idea is too great to wait. So I got started.

After painting for over an hour I was so disgusted , I seriously considered giving up painting altogether, then taking up basket weaving or making ceramic ash trays, but I have dozens of baskets already and I don’t smoke. I cleaned up the palette, washed my brushes, and stomped into the den to watch TV and complain.

 Morning comes. I fed the cats, made a hearty breakfast for my husband and I (sweet cornbread and hot tea…. coffee for him). I threw some clothes in the washer, brushed my hair and teeth and promised myself to get dressed as soon as I get the first color layer down. Still in my PJs, I finished it. Better!

I’m glad I started up again.  I don’t think there is much of a market for baskets or ceramic ash trays…… there?

I’ll definitely let you know when the galleries and TV hosts begin to call.

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For Information about the Original Painting of “Cozy Cafe”

For Information about Fine Art Prints of “Cozy Cafe”

10 thoughts on “Cozy Cafe

  1. You are SO funny! I really enjoyed your blog along with your painting! Put this “Cozy Cafe” in England and I’ll meet you there!! :>))))

  2. Mom, you crack me up! I can’t imagine you doing basket weaving or making ceramic ash trays. I think the cozy cafe is beautiful and inviting. I love you

  3. This had me laughing! You are just too cute, Adele! I love all of the colors of the flowers and I could just envision sitting out under that umbrella drinking some iced tea with lemon! 🙂

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