Our Outhouse

Have you ever been in a real outhouse? I have, and so has my husband…..way back when. One of the vivid memories of my Grandparents home in Galveston County, Tesxas was their outhouse………. in cold weather. That impression stuck in my memory. Now every time I go into our pretty, star-themed “powder room” right off our kitchen in the winter (for Houston that means it’s way down to 60 degrees outside), the powder room is cold. For some strange reason our builder did not put heat in that room.

Cats Window

Isn’t this an art related blog? What does my outhouse have to do with art?  The first thing you see when entering our outhouse is the window. I designed it and had a company install it with stained glass overlay. See, that’s art, isn’t it? I love our cats and adorable cat frames (with stars on them), so what a perfect place to display them!

Outhouse 1 Stars theme decor

I also like snowmen and I have a fairly nice collection of them. This little guy was purchased for us by our daughter-in-law one Christmas in Disney World. He has stars on him, so he made the cut and stays there year round, keeping guard over my star-shaped wire basket of stars from Pier One. Above it all is a postcard from the Vatican, yes, in Rome, sent to me by a friend while she was visiting there. (However, no stars.) The beautiful golden cross was also a gift. Sitting on the left on the shelf is a stack of shiny, gold gift boxes (with stars), all tied up with a wide ribbon covered with stars, with two sparkly stars dangling from the bow.

More stars photo of outhouse

Hanging from a fragrant bouquet of dried eucalyptus is yet another star. And of course, the soap dispenser is decorated with stars.

Star Sign for door on outhouse

Right now I’m working on a sign to hang on the door to our powder room. I’ll use this patriotic star which was a gift from a good friend. She had visited the outhouse before and noticed a theme. Very observant of her. I think I managed to write “star” a dozen times in this blog. I like stars.

first name signature

12 thoughts on “Our Outhouse

  1. Wow – I’ve been in many outhouses, but never one like this : ) It’s a beauty. Mind you, the absolute prize was an outhouse in Telegraph Creek, BC overlooking the Stikine River. The door was an angled screen of logs and as you sat ‘contemplating’ life, what you saw was the Stikine Mountain range in all its glory: peak after shining peak rolling down to the ocean at Wrangle AK.

  2. We had an outhouse until I was around 10. There is a cattle gap now where it once stood. Wish we had some of your stars in that outhouse. A water hose outside kitchen window was our running water. Truly have come a long way and Praise the Lord for those blessings.

      • Aa cattle gap is a metal crossing connected to fence on a road to keep cows from roaming. They probably have another name also.

      • Oh! I’ve only heard it called a cattle guard, but then I’m not into cattle anything. We did have cows when I was little, but they had to stay in our large pasture.Thanks.

  3. I loved your blog on the “Outhouse” and I’m honored to have been mentioned! You are just too cute, Adele! I love you, my friend!

    • Sheila, Your patriotic star gift has a prominent place, hanging from the light fixture in the Outhouse. But then, you would know that, wouldn’t you, since you are a frequent visitor to our home. Btw, when are you coming over again, or when can we eat out together again?

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