Me, Pete and the Chickens

Adele and Pete for blog

Pete was a lively little Terrier, solid white. I don’t remember where he came from or when we got him. I do remember having great times with him. We had a lot in common; we liked to run and play, didn’t mind getting dirty, were picky eaters, were always too loud, and loved to be around friends.


However, there was a difference: Pete liked to work and I didn’t. I took advantage and showed Pete how to help me with my chores. Pete quickly learned to herd the chickens back into the chicken yard at the end of the day. He did it well. Each evening I stepped out the back door of the garage, slapped my leg and shouted “Shoo chickens!” That was Pete’s cue to action. He darted out to the back yard, barking wildly as he rounded up all the chickens. The chickens took it well. They didn’t seem to be afraid of Pete, though they did hustle themselves into the chicken yard. It was fun for me, too

Pete chasing chicken Revised

I felt like a country girl. Pete had a great attitude about his work. When duty called he answered immediately. I admired that in Pete. No nap in the sun was ever too important to cut short if he was needed elsewhere.

Pete was my constant companion, as long as I was outside. Dogs were not allowed in our house. He slept in the garage or with me when I camped out in our backyard. He ran along beside me as I rode my big brother’s bicycle. Pete and I had a hideout under the house. There was plenty of space for play. When I discovered that spiders liked it under the house, too, we never went back.

I’ll tell you more about me and Pete next time.

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17 thoughts on “Me, Pete and the Chickens

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  4. Pete sounds like a wonderful companion! I love the photo of the two of you together and hearing of your escapades. I felt as though I were there watching Pete chase the chickens with you! Such fun! I look forward to hearing more. 🙂

  5. Cute story, Adele. Made me think of all the animals we had growing up. One of my favorites was Mickey. He would chase his tail around and around. And then there was the white poodle that had very bad breath. The regal boxers, Lady & Buddy. Lady was golden and Buddy was a brindle color. My grandmother’s poodle, Pee Wee that we took in after she passed. Pee Wee would wipe his feet at the door on the rug before going in the house. A Chihuahua named Pepper that my grandmother in Wisconsin let us bring back home with us. Several other dogs over the years and yes there was even a yellow cat named Tom.

    • Thanks Emily. Amazing, isn’t it? Something I, your own Grandmother, never mentioned….the one who tells stories over and over and over again. Glad you like it. I’ll continue the Pete blog series, based on my short story.

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