Crawfish, Rats, Me and Pete

Adele and Pete growing up cropped 8-18-15Pete and Adele

I don’t remember ever being too hot to play outside, or too tired to run all the way home from a friend’s house and then jumping that ditch in the nick of time. I had to jump that ditch. That ditch had things in it that crawled and had legs with claws. Turns out they were crawdads. I think some people call them crawfish. Nevertheless, I thought they were just about the scariest things I had ever seen and ever hoped to see in the future.

Crawfish 8-18-15That ditch was to be avoided at all costs, which took a little doing since it ran all the way across the front of our house and it rained a lot in our area. Heavy rains brought that ditch even closer to the house. I know because I watched it. Our front yard did have a place of great safety…..the swing hanging under the giant oak tree. If I could get to it during high tide without encountering one of those crawling things, I would jump onto it and look down at the water with a smug sense of security.

Some people said that Pete was a rat terrier. That seemed OK to me. I figured that the name had something to do with his size, until someone else told me that rat terriers are very, very good at finding rat holes and digging out the occupant. Good grief! Not my dog! I forgot Pete’s calling in life until the day my Daddy said that the neighbors down the road from us wanted to borrow Pete to help get rid of some rats in their barnyard. That was almost more than I could stand, so I went in the house and hid. Of course no one was looking for me, but for some reason it was comforting to hide.

 Adele in hamper

Quite a while had passed as I huddled in the dirty clothes hamper, in the dark, when suddenly I heard a dog’s yelping coming closer and closer.

Rat looking out of rat hole

I ran out in the yard just in time to see Pete arrive back on our property and run under the house. Obviously, he also found it comforting to hide. Later Daddy told me that Pete had found the rats, got a good look, then ran for home. So much for names.

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Trapped in the Doghouse 8-11-15

13 thoughts on “Crawfish, Rats, Me and Pete

  1. I, too, have a history with crawfish and ditches! My brother and I liked to catch “crawdads” in the ditch across the street with tiny pieces of bacon on a string. We’d put them in a coffee can and eventually let them go…I never touched them, of course. This is why I’ve never eaten “swamp bugs,” as some people call them! I can’t stand the idea of eating them. But it was great fun to fish for them in the ditches…I love reading your stories and can’t wait for the next one! 🙂

  2. Our house in Bear Branch backed onto drainage ditch and reason my boys are healthy is because I let them play in it. Indeed they found all kind of things to put in a bucket and bring home . I have a picture of them in clothes hamper just like your drawing.

    • Kathy, Thanks for sending the photo of your two boys playing in the clothes hamper. They must have thought it was a great place, too. By the way, part of my “A Country Girl” short story is about me and my friends playing in the drainage ditch a few pastures away from our house. What a coincidence!

  3. Oh my goodness, that’s hysterically funny. I loved the drawing of you hiding; that really made me chuckle. Good old Pete, he was smart and ran home.

    Love you

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