Missions Accomplished!

They’re back…

Missions Accomplished graphic 7-24-15…and we are very grateful to have them back. Our daughter, Karen worked in Kolkata, India with a team from their church. As a professional dance instructor, she had the joy of teaching dance to some ladies there as well as sharing the gospel of Christ with them. Judging from listening to a few of her stories from the trip, she had a wonderful and fulfilling ministry. The Lord even provided business class seats for the entire team on the 16 hour trip back from Dubai.

Julia worked as one of the adult leaders (she is 19) from their church, responsible for sixty-six middle school students on mission in Montana for a week. She has served there before, as well as in other states, and twice in Nicaragua. She is in her second year at the College of Biblical Studies in Houston, Texas and a year-round Intern on staff at their church. She regularly teaches Bible classes at their church among her other responsibilities.

How did I handle all this travel and “far-away-ness” of our loved ones? Barely. Lots of prayer and claiming of the Lord’s promises got me through this month. David always seems to do well with these tests; you know, the strong, quiet type. Of course, he is busier than I, working almost all day, every day as an online missionary  for Global Media Outreach. To say he takes his ministry very seriously, would be an understatement.  Along with the trips of our world-traveler son who works in the oil and gas industry, we have had experience in this area. But it never gets……ordinary….it is never taken for granted.

Once a long time ago, our eldest son, Kevan, told us he wanted to apply to serve in the army band in Seoul, Korea. He was in the Army.  At that time there had been a major international incident on the DMZ, which threatened world turmoil. I protested to him. I can remember it so clearly…..our tall, handsome son leaning against the kitchen bar and calmly saying,  “Mom, Jesus Christ is in Korea, also.” What more could I say? Outcome? He was assigned to a different band, in the States, but I’ll never forget being corrected by him. He was right and I needed his words.

But soon they will all be home. Our eldest Granddaughter, Emily and her husband Alex are in London where she is completing graduate work at the London School of Economics. They should be back  in the USA this fall.

‘Til He Shouts!

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16 thoughts on “Missions Accomplished!

  1. What a blessing to read these reports and to know everyone is home safe and sound! God is at work in this world today, and these are exciting times! We can’t ever limit God, nor can we even imagine just how big and mighty our amazing God is! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. I’m glad we’re all home safe and sound also. Praise God that he is so big and so wonderful and so loving. It’s so amazing to see and hear these beautiful Indian women praising Jesus in their native language, Bengali. Everytime we would pray, whether it was in English or Bengali, I would be overwhelmed by God’s greatness. Not only does He hear all of our prayers, but he hears them in roughly 6,500 different spoken languages. That always reminds me that we serve a mighty God.

  3. I remember you telling that story about Kevan saying that Jesus was in Korea, too! Love it! A mother’s worrying never ends even when we know that the Lord is in control. I’m glad Karen and her team are all home safe and sound.

  4. Yea! Thank you, Lord, for Julia, Karen, and their groups getting home safely! Thanks for the beautiful and happy photos, Adele! You have brightened my day!

  5. How fun to hear about all the missionary work going on in the “Bower family”! All the best to you and David!

  6. Adele, You have much to be proud of with your family. I’m so glad they are back home. Julia never ceases to amaze me. Such Godly wisdom and service for such a young woman. She is someone we could all emulate.

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