Seagulls framed“Seagulls”

Hi There,

I just uploaded my painting, “Seagulls” to Fine Art America (I call FAA my “Print Shop”). Here is an example of  my painting, “Seagulls”, all printed and framed by Fine Art America. There are many choices of sizes, papers, mats and frames. Or you may choose to have the image printed on canvas. In fact, FAA offers prints on tote bags, throw pillows and other surfaces.  FAA does beautiful work. FAA ships directly to you.

Click Here For Information About “Seagulls”

Back to the drawing board to create more! Hope you wonderful friends are having a great day!

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8 thoughts on “Seagulls

  1. I have always liked this original work of art. Is it new this year or am I mixing it up with one of your Galveston paintings. It reminds me of our week at the beach.

    • I’m glad you like “Seagulls” and that it reminds you of a happy time. “Seagulls” is a NEW painting, a watercolor; I did it just last week. You are right, it is a lot like another one I did in acrylics, called “Beach Scene-Galveston Island, Texas”. It’s on my website. Maybe I like to paint Galveston scenes because I love it so much. I need to go down there and get some more photos for reference. Thanks for the comment.

    • Glad you like it, Sheila. It is part of my (hard-cover) Summer 2015 Sketch Journal so the original is not for sale. I uploaded it to my fine art “print shop” yesterday, and a print sold right away. I think people like water/beach scenes. I know I do.

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