Facebook Fatigue

Self-portrait for Blog 7-16-15I’m sad, I’m disappointed, I’m angry, I’m discouraged, I’m disgusted, I’m exhausted, I’m shocked,  I’m fatigued and I have only myself to blame. Why all this whining and angst, you ask?

The reason is I’ve been faithfully reading my Facebook News Feed.

Oh sure, occasionally I come across a post that I find entertaining or encouraging, but by that time I’ve trudged through post after post of very negative thoughts and images.

An Easy Solution

Get off Facebook…once and for all. This is not a new thought. I’ve experienced the “I’m” statements above for quite a while, but have done nothing to change it. Instead……….

  • I would grieve over how much I would miss all my Facebook friends.
  • I would rationalize Facebook provides a way to show my art.
  • I would not be able to brag about my Grandchildren as easily or show their adorable photos.

Bullet Point One: The truth is I would much rather have lunch out with a friend or invite a bunch over to our house for sandwiches and a movie than just read about them on Facebook.

Bullet Point Two: The truth is  I have a website for selling my original art and another  website from which to sell my art as fine art prints. Each one gets large numbers of unique visitors (meaning first time visitors) and regulars. Sales are good in light of this current art market.  I have a blog, (as you  are aware); I can advertise my art there if I choose. Then of course, I exhibit my newest art at art shows, mostly local…….and everyone is invited to attend. I’ll announce the art shows on my blog.

Bullet Point Three: Now this is a hard one. Maybe I’ll just post their photos and activities on my blog.

An Unexpected Blessing From A Friend

Why now? What has changed or happened? A few days ago a sweet friend sent me a book as a surprise (Thank you, Debbie!) and I read it all the way through without stopping except for necessities.  I desperately needed this book and knew it immediately. It held a mirror up in front of me and said “SEE!..That’s You, Adele!” and I did not like what I saw.  The book challenged me, taught me, shamed me, and gave me specific instructions on what to do about it.

I Will Follow The Instructions and Take Action

Oh yes, the book is “The 4:8 Principle” by Tommy Newberry.

You have probably recognized the meaning of 4:8 as referring to the Scripture in God’s Holy Word, Philippians 4:8

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things.”

Through the years this powerful Scripture had already changed many of my habits, the books I read, the movies I watch, how I talk about others, on and on…but I still had more to consider; how I spend my time and how it affects the way I think about things.

Not For Everyone

In this blog, my intention is to speak about and to myself only and how the Lord has been directing me. I’m not speaking for or to anyone else. We Christians are all His children and in His loving care and direction. I will post this blog on Facebook for a while in order to let my Friends know where I am.

Subscribe To My Blog

If you are interested in little ‘ole me, my art, my family, and my cats, please subscribe to my blog, right here on this post. I would love to share my stories and read your comments. Then of course, there is always email.

‘Til He Shouts! (1 Thessalonians 4:16)

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20 thoughts on “Facebook Fatigue

  1. I can totally understand!!! So… When are we getting together then? 😊 I would miss you on fb because I love everything you share and because we need the light that shines through you there… And because while you look for encouragement many of us find it through your posts and your page. But… I am with you… I can totally relate and after all fb is just a”pretend way to have fellowship ” is not the real thing and lately is anything but good for the most part. See you on your blog. Let’s stay in touch.

    • Paloma, YOU have been a blessing to me, from the very first day we met….about 3 years ago, wasn’t it? We seemed to instantly relate. I enjoy your blogs, also and all the photos of your darling family. Keep up your good blog. Thank you for once again understanding me.
      I love to talk (I’m sure you’ve noticed that trait in me!) therefore if I do not have an audience I write and send it out. People just CAN’T get away from me!!!
      Which Bible study are you taking this fall?

    • Joyce, It is a decidedly Christian book, very inspiring and with a lot of call-to-action. It is a New York Times best seller. I’m starting to read it all over again.

    • Debbie, You must be subscribed since I just received this comment from you. But you are not on my list of subscribers, so I’ve sent you an invitation to subscribe. If you subscribe my blogs will come to your email inbox. I’m also on Instagram, Adele.Bower. I’ll post some art there, a few photos now and again.

  2. Boy! You hit the nail on the head! I’ve noticed recently that some of the posts I read make me experience these same thoughts: “I’m sad, I’m disappointed, I’m angry, I’m discouraged, I’m disgusted, I’m exhausted, I’m shocked and I’m fatigued.” However, I do enjoy keeping up with family & friends and seeing pictures they post. I told Steve maybe I’ll just quit reading everything and do an occasional glance. LOL I get too passionate about things and my thoughts can totally drain me! I really would like to start a blog – maybe one day…. thanks for sharing Adele!

    • Sheila, Others must be interested in the subject also, because so far this blog has generated more readers than any other I’ve ever written.
      I’ve said the same thing to David…”I’ll just stay away from News Feed!” Ha! That never happens and there I go reading it again, looking for happy thoughts. David says I’m very sensitive and impressionable. Well, I know I’m not Mr. Tough Guy like him. Plus, I was spending way too much time there. I’ll stay on Instagram, at least for a while. I’m still trying to figure out how best to use Instagram.
      Let’s get together for dinner sometime soon.

  3. I will miss your lovely artwork and pictures of you family and kitties in my news feed, but I understand the sentiment. I have felt the same way many times. I’ll just have to make sure I tune in to your blog to keep up with the many adventures of Adele!

    • Jen, I will miss seeing your family photos, too. Please consider subscribing to my blog. OR maybe you should write one; your darling family should give you a lot of material.

  4. I understand what you are saying. I myself have a hard time with it. I do more now that I can get it when I am working. There is so much junk but it is the only way I can stay up with Paul’s family is doing. I love your blog enjoy reading about Bower’ kitties.

  5. HI Adele – I understand completely and will certainly miss you on facebook – so I will just make sure to read all of your blogs – make a note when your next art show is – and keep up with you & David by email.!
    Love you my friend!

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