My Feet Hurt

20-Cooling His Heels“Cooling His Heels”

Yes. After church Sunday….my feet hurt…in fact, my knees hurt, too. I wonder if the long-legged bird in my painting above had sore feet, too. But, I’ll bet I’m older.

I had been standing in front of a large class of ladies teaching a Bible lesson. When I have an audience I get excited and tend to talk too long. No one in the class let on or complained that I should stop and sit down. Bless ’em! They are way too kind and the best group of ladies anywhere…so patient, friendly, and welcoming.

To recognize the special day, Father’s Day, our children, their spouses and one Grandchild came to visit and have lunch at a local restaurant. Since each of them have teaching/leading responsibilities at their church (miles from our home), we planned to “wait until the crowds” thinned and eat later. We sat down to eat at about 2:30. Ha! The crowds probably didn’t thin until around 5 or 6 PM that evening.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at our house chatting away, catching up on the lives and activities of our family. A wonderful blessing. Of course, I occupied one of the three recliners in our den; yes, we have three recliners in a home with only two residents, not counting Abby Cat and Tomboy Cat.  Oh yes, there is another recliner in our bedroom where I lounge and watch the Houston Texans football games. Can’t wait until the fall, by the way.

I suspect other young people are busy, too, but our children and Grandchildren exhaust us just telling their upcoming schedules and commitments . They are very exciting young people. Were we like that?

Well, it took most of Monday to recover from Sunday. By that evening I was once again stretched out in my recliner, feet up, head back, watching an old Agatha Christie mystery….for the third of fourth time. We can never remember who dunnit and calmly wait for Hercule Poirot to solve it for us.

Right in the middle of all this relaxation I realized that Tuesday would be another busy day and told David about it. “Tomorrow will be very busy for me, David”. “Why”, he asked, what do you have planned?” I answered, “I have to wash my hair”. Pause here. “And what else?”, he said. “Nothing”, that’s it” I said.  Another pause. David replied, “That’s nothing. I have to mail a letter tomorrow.” He won. At least I don’t have to leave the house to wash my hair.

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17 thoughts on “My Feet Hurt

  1. Loved reading about your day, Adele! I understand about those feet hurting! But as far as your talking too long, I seriously doubt that anyone in class minded that ~ you’re an amazing teacher! 🙂

  2. You’re hilarious!! BTW – how many more Sundays will you be teaching? Can’t come THIS Sunday – but would like to attend sometime if possible. :>)

  3. I like to get pedicures because you get a foot massage. In Turkey I had a Turkush bath and got my feet massage about 4 times during the process. Heavenly, sorta like a recliner!

  4. Luckily for my 6-year-old titanium knees, when I teach my Sunday school, I get to sit down. We all sit around big tables. I bet your class is bigger. I agree with the hair-washing. I hate to wash my hair! Happy Father’s Day (a bit late) to David. It is wonderful celebrating the fathers in our lives. They are such blessings!

    • Whoa! Donna, I didn’t know you had titanium knees. That is impressive and I know you are doing really well. About hair washing; I have to AIR-dry my hair or I run the risk of looking like a fluffy chrysanthemum if I use a regular hair dryer. Takes time. I’ll give David your greeting.

  5. Hi Adele,

    Ah, I can surely relate to tired feet, having taught in public school for many, many years! : ) There’s no sitting at a desk when teaching second grade kiddos!

    We had a Father’s Day family dinner here Sunday evening — what a blessing to be with family, which includes college seniors! But, Monday — whew! I was more than ready for a nap! And, I didn’t have any difficulty going to sleep that night!

    Wishing you a relaxing week! : )


    • Oh my, Gloria. I’ve always admired teachers….for many reasons, and having to stand on their feet all day was one of the reasons. It seems I always manage to find a way to sit down when I work, even when I paint. I have a perfect stool in my studio just for painting at the easel and/or working at my drawing board. I’m so spoiled.

  6. That’s great. It’s all perspective isn’t it. That’s a blessing for sure. And on top of it all you have AC again. It doesn’t get any better than that.

    I love you both


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