The Flower Song

The Flower Song 6-30-15
“The Flower Song
A Poem in response to Isaiah 61:3b
Written by Adele Bower © 2005

“A planting of the Lord, to display HIS glory?
O Lord, could it really be?
Could I be planted in your flowerbed
or in a pot on your windowsill?

If I could be planted there, Lord
as part of your divine plan;
I’d be showered with love, fed by your Word
and sheltered by your hand.

If I could be planted there, Lord
would you place me where I could see
your beautiful face, your endless grace
and you smiling at me?

If I could be planted there, Lord
I know then I could be
A blessing to all who pass my way
on their path to eternity.

If I should win a prize at the flower show,
I will tell everyone the story;
The best that I am, and will ever be
is a reflection of YOUR glory.”

Poem and Painting by Adele Bower

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13 thoughts on “The Flower Song

      • Becky, It was so funny; I asked David to proof-read “The Flower Song” before I published it. Apparently, he didn’t notice the by-line, because he said, “Very nice! Who wrote that poem?” Ha! I still have my secrets, after all these years. Actually, I’ve written quite a lot of poetry. Thank you for the compliment.

      • That’s really funny! It’s really beautiful…Some people get more than their fair share of talent! 😀

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