65 Ballet Recitals…and Counting

Karen, en pointeOur Daughter, Karen, competing in the Miss Texas pageant system.

I’ve probably lost count; but I think David and I have attended 62 ballet recitals in our years as parents and grandparents. Yesterday, we attended three….IN ONE DAY! That makes 65, doesn’t it?

Our daughter and her husband, John, own Adamson Ballet School,  a large ballet and jazz school in Katy, Texas which they opened in 1989 and we haven’t missed a recital.

Karen began taking ballet and jazz classes when she was six years old. Through all the years of elementary, junior high, and high school, and early college, she never quit taking classes.

Karen’s older brothers,  Kevan and Keith, obediently attended all of Karen’s recitals, totally bored, until they began to notice the pretty girls on stage.

Sisters-ballet recital(I couldn’t resist doing this cartoon sketch of one of our sons attending Karen’s recital.)

Karen met her future husband while they were both performing as dancers for the Houston Grand Opera. John is from England and attended the Arts Educational School in London. He was a scholarship and stipend student with the Houston Ballet Academy. After their marriage, John danced professionally with the Hartford Ballet, in Hartford, Connecticut. Later, they moved back to Texas where he began teaching at a large ballet school in Kingwood, Texas. Forming their own ballet school was a natural and very successful transition for Karen and John and Adamson Ballet School began

When finally the right age, (3 years old), our two Granddaughters took classes at ABS and performed in  many recitals.

Emily's and Julia's first recitals...in the 1990s for FB

Annual dance recitals have become a time to see our family and friends, as well as the staff at Adamson Ballet School. Yesterday’s recital was held at a sparkling new high school in the Katy ISD. Due to the comparative size of the school’s performance center and the number of students to perform, Karen and John held three recitals in one day. It was perfect…and the venue was excellent and comfortable.

In spite of all the torrential rains, the performance center was packed…all three times. It was great fun and such a wonderful experience for the students and their families.

Karen once asked me if it was her idea to take ballet or mine. I couldn’t remember. I do know I’ve always loved ballet and so has she.

“To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking.”  ___________Agnes De Mille

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11 thoughts on “65 Ballet Recitals…and Counting

  1. I so loved reading this. Ballet was an unfulfilled dream for me as a child, and I truly admire yours and David’s love for the art, and what God has created in your marvelous family. 🙂

  2. This is so great! I wish I could have been there. I was telling my mom I can’t believe how many dances she has choreographed in her life! Congratulations to ABS on another successful year.

    • Yes, Your Mom has always done such a wonderful job with her dance classes. I’ve always admired Julie’s patience with those little ones, especially. We wish you could have been there, also. Keith and David and I ate lunch at the Luby’s near La Centera. So nice. It was raining hard, but everyone managed to make it to the recital.

  3. Adele and I both enjoy ballet dance and music so 65 recitals has not been a challenge, just an opportunity which has blessed us both. Although three in one day is a bit tiring for 65 +’ers we wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

  4. Oh that’s so sweet; thank you. So many wonderful memories. I knew I would marry a ballet dancer because it was such an important
    part of my life that I needed to share with my husband. God blessed me with my hearts desire. I love watching the little girls and the big girls enjoying the art of dance.

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