Life With Them…….

Meet Them 6-23-14

Cats are really strange. There’s no understanding their likes and dislikes. That’s why God made them so cute and cuddly…….so we would love them in spite of their strange ways and not throw them out.

For years I disciplined (threatened) our children with Scripture. Being a super-spiritual Mom I wanted to always stay Biblical, if possible. When any one of them, or more, got disruptive, I would tell them if they didn’t behave I would sell them to the first traveling band of Ishmaelites that came by. Then I would quote Genesis 37:28…..

“So when the Midianite merchants came by, his brothers pulled Joseph up out of the cistern

and sold him for twenty shekels of silver to the Ishmaelites, who took him to Egypt”.

 I like to think I raised them right with the discipline of Scripture.

After the children grew up and moved out, I still had little living beings to discipline…..our cats. It kept me in spiritual shape using my parenting skills.  I always feel better when I tell them that in our house we obey Scripture and then recite Genesis 37:28 to them.  Perhaps they just happen to be slow-learners, or possibly they would rather test the Lord’s patience. I don’t know.

One weird thing about our cats really puzzles me. Whereas, they really love the “fragrance” of old dirty socks, sweaty tennis shoes, or tracked-in mud…..they simply will not tolerate anything perfumed, such as newly washed cat-beds. Good grief, it says on the label that is smells like Lavender. What’s so bad about Lavender? Last week I washed the fluffy bed things from the cat-basket. Smells so sweet; looks so inviting. But Tomboy or Abby Cat will wait for a week, maybe two, to let the offending odor dissipate before even approaching it. And then it is done with utmost care….one  paw only goes in slowly to test the safety of it all.  I’m sure if they could they would hold their noses during this test. Silly cats!

Cat basket smells like lavender 4-28-15

I’m quite sure I heard one of them say as they backed away from the lovely clean basket, “If that cistern in Genesis 37:28 smelled this bad, I’ll bet Joseph was glad to be pulled out”. Maybe not!

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11 thoughts on “Life With Them…….

  1. This is so true! Cats are living in their own world! Our Mr. Beautiful has yet to accept John’s new flannel robe. I guess it’s simply too clean!

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