Step Away From The Frito Omelet

Frito Omelette

Maybe it’s because I’ve been cooking for 62 years.  OR….maybe it’s because I’m an impatient Sanguine. Whatever the reason, I do not like to linger over food preparation. Get it done!!! If it tastes good, well, that’s a plus. Just get it done! This morning was no exception. Therefore, witness the birth of……

The Frito Omelet

(A Caution: If you object to fat, calories, and salt……..Step Away from the Frito Omelet.)


A touch of olive oil

“Some” Original size Fritos

1 large egg

1 slice extra sharp cheddar cheese

2 Tablespoons of chili…(canned is perfect!)

2 Tablespoons of chunky, medium spicy red salsa

(Our daughter, Karen, has often mentioned how I rarely measure ingredients; some here, a little there. It makes a difficult recipe to follow.)

Preparation and cooking:

In an omelet pan or any small skillet, warm the olive oil. Spread the Fritos (as many as you want) in the olive oil. Scramble the egg in a separate bowl and pour over the Fritos. Quickly place the chili, cheese and salsa on one side of the mixture in the skillet.

(You are on your own here. Knowing when and how to flip one side of the omelet over onto the other takes at least 50 years of practice to master. Good luck.)

Flip the omelet into the classic shape and serve. David likes spicy foods, but when I saw him salting this omelet this morning I yelled (sweetly) at him. “What are you doing?” Oh! Sorry! He was not adding salt but pepper. Nothing new there.

Hope you enjoy this Frito Omelet. I know the photo doesn’t exactly make your mouth water, but trust me, it’s delicious…..and quick!

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10 thoughts on “Step Away From The Frito Omelet

    • Emily, Hmmmm? Is that a compliment? I’ve often considered writing an article about how the personality of an artist informs her choices…. of medium, style, genre, size, etc. Now, maybe I should write an article about how the different personalities cook. What do you think?

  1. It sounds absolutely delicious, i wish I had all of the ingredients right now. Mom, you always make delicious food.

    I love you,


  2. Speaking from a husband’s point of view, not measuring not only makes it difficult to follow but difficult to repeat; each meal becomes a unique, one-of-a-kind experience never to be exactly repeated. That makes dining a real adventure!

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