Jealousy at the Art Show..and Beyond!

I’m sad to say that I heard jealously in the extreme at the art show I entered this weekend. That is so wrong! It has continued over the past few days right here in my little studio. Oh, no, not from other artists or friends….no, no, no….but from my three other paintings I entered in the show. You see, only one of my four paintings won a ribbon; the other three did not. The complaints of the three losers have been aggravated by the ongoing,  smug attitude of the painting that won a ribbon, “Southwestern Kitsch”.

1st Hon. Mention for FB

First Honorable Mention, Professional Division (Acrylic or Oil Category)

 Sibling rivalry is never pretty and often unreasonable. I’ve tried to explain to the other three paintings that there will always be another show to enter; art is subjective; judges are only human; “Southwestern Kitsch” was smaller and thereby garnered sympathy; but no….the whining continues. I’m going to put the “winner” in my art closet, turn off the light, and shut the door. Maybe that will help. We’ll see. If the “losers” continue to whine they will go into the other art closet, lights out, door shut.

As for me, the artist, I appreciate the ribbon…..and don’t play favorites; I liked all my entries.  There was a lot of very beautiful art at the show and I’m grateful for the recognition. Now the painting qualifies to compete in the Lone Star Art Guild annual convention at the Woodlands Waterway Hotel and Convention Center in the summer in The Woodlands, Texas. PLEASE keep that quiet or the whining and bragging will start all over again.

On a happier note, before the art show started my husband, daughter and I enjoyed a picnic outside the venue, under the trees and next to the tennis courts there at Kingwood Country club . Tennis was my obsession for over twenty-five years at that club. ( I even have a tournament trophy!) Ladies were playing right on the other side of a very high fence. I had just commented to David and Karen, that “Good tennis players rarely hit a ball over the fence”, when a ball came flying over the fence and bounced off my head. No kidding! (Not to worry…it had bounced once….and didn’t hurt at all.) I had fun teasing the worried ladies.

Back to the art show and my oh-so-selfish paintings; If you would like to see the “losers” (they can’t hear me!) just go to my website. and click on Paintings on the navigation bar at the top. They are titled “Boutique”, “Aloe Vera and Friends” and “Texas Colors”. I’ll tell them you loved them.

“Art is a jealous mistress”_____Ralph Waldo Emerson

(I’ve always wondered what that means!)

Back to work. Wish me peace and quiet. The closets are close-by.

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4 thoughts on “Jealousy at the Art Show..and Beyond!

  1. Paloma, I’m afraid nothing is more egotistical than a beautiful painting, so there is very little hope for an attitude change. Oh wait, maybe the artist is more egotistical? Ha Ha!
    I’m glad you are playing tennis. It’s a great sport. I played about 3 times a week for years and years.

  2. Loved this! Sorry about the other paintings… I wish they were more supportive… they should know they’re all beautiful… but sometimes you win… sometimes you don’t! 🙂 … BTW… your picnic sounds delightful! also… you’ll have to share some tips about playing tennis with me… I look like I am chasing butterflies rather than playing… I am definitely not the “sportsy” type… always looking really awkward… always afraid to get hit!

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