I’m A Hopeless Show-Off!

Adele has been working hard 4-8-14


Yes, I’ll  admit I’m a show-off. When it comes to my art (or our Grandchildren) I’m a hopeless, unrepentant show-off. But, think about it; do you know an artist anywhere who works hard at her craft then hides it in a closet? Okay, maybe you do know someone like that, but it’s not me.

I remember when my Father would complete a painting he would bring it into the living room, place it in a prominent place and summon all of us to come see and admire his latest masterpiece. He was proud of his work. Of course, he had a gallery or two that represented him, so the painting would soon be off to the gallery or sold before it got there.

My point is, I come by it naturally…being a show-off, I mean. I can only hope I’ve inherited a little of his enormous talent, but mostly, I want some of his self-discipline, focus and determination. I’m learning.

I’m excited to have two venues to show-off some of my artwork:

1. The Kingwood Branch of the Harris County Public Library

“Featured Artist” for the entire month of April 2014

I’m exhibiting 15 paintings, in the Library Foyer, right inside the front door.


2. The Lake Houston Area Artists

 Spring Art Sale and Competition

Saturday, April 12, 2014 in the Pavilion of the Kingwood Country Club.

12 Noon until 4 PM…a come & go event!

There is no charge and it is open to the public.

I’m exhibiting 4 paintings in this show.

Back to work…after all I’ll need some new artwork to show-off at my next show!

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2 thoughts on “I’m A Hopeless Show-Off!

  1. Congratulations on both events. I am excited to see them both. I will see you on Saturday. I love you


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