My New Year’s Resolution for September

Computer illustration by Adele Bower

John 13:34-35
“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Here in Houston and most of the Gulf Coast of Texas, it has been a week that tests each of us. Widespread flooding and winds have caused deaths and destruction. But you probably know all about that by now.

Through it all and continuing into this week, the people of this area have been showing what it means to love one another. I include the many kind people from other states and parts of Texas.

While watching the reports on TV all this past week, it came to me clearly, “I love these people”. Thank you, Lord for giving me the grace to sincerely feel love for those suffering, all strangers mostly. Oh yes, it is easy to love my family and friends, and feel great sympathy for them. The home of our own son and his family was severely damaged by high water inside. Only the Lord can cause us to love  those we do not know. I’m grateful.

I’ve learned another interesting thing: the larger our family grows, the more grandchildren and soon a great-grandchild we are blessed with, the more loved ones there are to love…..

……..the more our emotions and faith in the Lord are tested. 

Why am I declaring a New Year’s Resolution by the month, you may wonder? Last December I tried to come up with one Resolution to fit all year and I couldn’t. Then and there I decided to break it into 12 months…thereby more easily reminding myself of my resolve. Each month I post the Scripture right next to my computer to remind myself.

“Love one another.”

‘Til He Shouts!





6 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolution for September

  1. Great reminder; thanks Adele. Have been praying for your son and his family for things to be improving for them each day. Love to all.

    • Thank you, Melanie. I know you enjoyed your trip. Your photos were amazing. Things are VERY slowly improving for our son and his family. We are so grateful they still have their work.

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog, Adele. I am glad you and David were safe from the flooding. I’m sorry to hear about your son’s home but grateful they are safe. My niece, her husband and two small children were rescued by the Cajun Navy in Kingwood and are staying with friends. My nephew & his fiance’ were rescued by the Cajun Navy off I-10 but haven’t been able to get back in to their subdivision yet. I am thankful our home was spared; however, we have some work ahead of us on the rental house in Northshire subdivision. I saw such devastation as I drove through my wonderful old neighborhood where our girls grew up – feeling such heartache and sadness for many friends and family members that still live there! The outpouring of love by complete strangers bringing water, food and even brand new pillows to those in Northshire has been astonishing! I am thankful that God has placed the love for others in my heart, too! “We love because he first loved us” 1John4:19

    • Sheila, I’m sorry your rental property was damaged. You will be very busy taking care of that and helping your nephew. Keith and family are still not permitted to stay in their home, even though the water has receded from inside. Work is continuing to repair it…hard work. They are exhausted. Thank you for reading the blog, and for being concerned. Prayers for you and your family.

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