Not Quite Wimbledon

With all the excitement of Wimbledon 2017 still in the air I’m reminded of my “glory” days in sports. High up on the top of the book shelf in my art studio are my three sport trophies; two bowling and one tennis. I think I’m the most proud of the tennis trophy. It has engraved on it


Kingwood Country Club


Ladies B Doubles


Yes, I know…it was country club tennis…….. ladies country club tennis and the B Flight. Nevertheless, I could not be more proud of myself and my tennis partner, Darla.  We developed a pretty good game and loved every minute. Plus I had a great tan.

Back in that day I was an avid tennis player playing 2 or 3 times a week for over 25 years and was a regular sub for the Houston Ladies Tennis Association.  I never quite earned the lofty status of a regular HLTA player, but my tennis partner and I played for them frequently as subs.

Finally I retired from tennis to pursue my art. At the time I thought I was too old to play tennis. Ha! Now I know I probably should have continued for a few more years. But I still have my memories and my trophy, but the tan is gone. However, my art has greatly improved.

Roger Federer’s accomplishments in tennis are almost unbelievable; 8th time Wimbledon winner, plus 19 Grand Slams Championships. Congratulations, Roger, well done. For some reason I have always preferred to watch men’s tennis on television, rather than women’s.


Back to the drawing board!




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