I Jumped Right Into the Oil…….


Last year I read about an online oil painting course to be offered the following January 2016, “DreamLovePaint”. Since it  was going to be taught by one of my favorite artists, Dreama Tolle Perry, I jumped right in and signed up. What a wise move that was. It has been a major event in my long art career and one of the most exciting activities of this year.

Back in the day, I had a semester of oil painting at the University of Houston, and thoroughly enjoyed it, learning all I thought I needed. I did all the course work required and quite a lot not required. But when years later I discovered Dreama’s work on Facebook, I KNEW I didn’t know it all…..I wanted to know more…..maybe everything she knew…if possible.

Being the fickle artist that I am, I couldn’t resist continuing my usual acrylic paintings, pen/ink drawings, watercolor paintings, and daily sketchbook work in pencil….gee, even art markers! Those mediums are in my heart to stay; there is no use trying to forget them.

“DreamLovePaint” course gave the students the opportunity to paint six painting over a six weeks period, along with careful instructions, inspiration and practical studio training. With access to this course for an entire year, I’ve continued to paint in oils and learn from Dreama’s first online course. We students are part of a closed Facebook group of artists from all over the world and have become friends, sharing, bragging on ourselves, complimenting the work of others and encouraging one another along the way. All the while, Dreama has kept encouraging us by being a part of the closed group. Amazing.

NOW, Dreama has created a new online course that will start next January 2017, and I’ll be there. In art, as in other disciplines, you should never stop learning. And why should I stop……… when it is so much fun.

Check out The Art of Dreama Tolle Perry Facebook page for more information. You’ll be glad you did.

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