Workshop After-Glow

Roses and Hat outside

Art by Adele Bower #DreamLovePaint workshop. Not for sale.

9″ x 12″ oil on gessobord (museum quality panel)

I love the phrase, “After-Glow”. It describes perfectly how I feel after being immersed in Dreama Perry’s wonderful online oil workshop, DreamLovePaint, the past weeks. I feel the glow.

Through my years and years of doing art of many varieties, my goal was always the outcome; the “outcome” then was either an A from my college or art school instructor or later a check for my work as a in-house studio artist or freelance illustrator. I held fast to that goal….until……Dreama changed everything. Bless her…it only took six weeks of lecturing me. Or I should say “admonishing” me. She is a gentle, but very persuasive teacher. But nothing captures my attention or makes me more willing to listen, than the excellence of the work of the instructor. Excellent is the most fitting word for Dreama’s work, lectures, inspiration and training.

In Athens (2)

“In Athens”, 6″ x 6″ oil on gessobord ) museum quality panel. Art by Adele Bower

It would be difficult to relate the process that changed my “goal”, but easy to pinpoint its origin….Dreama’s teaching about finding joy in the doing of art, and not on the outcome or goal.

That sounds simple doesn’t it? Just change your mind. It is NOT simple at all, at least, it was not simple for me. With all my Sanguine personality traits I also have a wide streak of practicality; I must have a purpose and a goal for how I spend my time. The only problem with that viewpoint is it’s just not fun at all and I must have fun, if at all possible, in everything I do.

Texas Hillcountry Fall with copyright high def. camera for blog


I’ll sum up my “Glow”:

I now have more fun in the doing of my art.

I no longer focus on any goal, other than joy in the doing of my art.

It is inevitable that skill and artistic beauty will follow.

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14 thoughts on “Workshop After-Glow

  1. I love all your new DREAMY work, and I love hearing of your newfound enjoyment! Of course, the joy MUST be found in the journey! You also have a way of challenging me and broadening my horizons, for which I’ll forever be grateful! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  2. I do see the new technique in your paintings and I love the colors! But I still see you in your work – and that is very good. Blessings!

  3. Well I’m very happy for your peace and “After Glow”. The artwork is beautiful and has a very dreamlike quality.

    I love you,


  4. I totally agree with your new philosophy. I also think it applies to life, in general. Live in the moment, trying always to stay close to Jesus, and let Him direct and be responsible for the outcome.

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