Back To The Drawing Board

Sept. 2015- 30 in 30 Challenge Collage IN PROGRESS Rev.The “Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge September 2015” has come and gone.

Adele at art show 10-24-15The Lake Houston Area Artists Fall Art Show has come and gone.

Should I take a break or get…….

Watercolor corner 2back to the drawing board and my cozy little watercolor corner?

This summer I was happily working on my “Art Project Summer 2015 Watercolor Journal” when I interrupted myself to take on the September 30-in-30 challenge. I promised my beautiful but odd journal that I would be back.

When October arrived with the completed  30-in-30 challenge, I began work preparing for the Lake Houston Area Artists Fall Art Show. It took most of my energy and discretionary time to select paintings, order frames, fill out forms, pay dues, attend the LHAA meeting, frame the eleven paintings I selected to show, and find room for all the incoming boxes of frames and stuff.

It was all fun…every moment of it…including the heavy rain on the day of the show. I almost ruined a really cute pair of shoes wading through the water. Even though I was carrying paintings and an umbrella, I made it into the venue back and forth without incident. I must admit David did most of the work. Our good friend, Melanie Bankston came to my show and helped us load the paintings back into the car in the afternoon. Many thanks, Melanie; for coming to my show and then helping.

I’ve spent the last few days straightening out my workroom, storing paintings away, hanging up the Ribbons for all to see and wondering if I will be ready to go through this all over again. My 8 paintings that won Ribbons are eligible to compete in the Lone Start Art Guild Convention early next year. I’ll rest up; maybe buy some rain boots, and hire someone young and strong to haul all the paintings in and out of the huge venue. I’m wiser now.

Hello, cozy little watercolor corner. I’m back!

One brush & cheap watercolors

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6 thoughts on “Back To The Drawing Board

  1. You are fearless, brave, energetic and extremely talented! We are all the richer for having your inspiring works of art to gaze upon in your blog postings, on FaceBook, and, of course, on my walls! You are also blessed with the best assistant you could ask for in David! Thank you for sharing your God-given talent with us.

  2. You certainly are a busy artist for sure! Congratulations on all your successes at the recent art show! All the best to you and David –

  3. Congratulations on all your successes! Of course I’m very partial to your watercolors! But I look forward to any and every upcoming project on the horizon…. 🙂

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