The Last Paintings

The tin of papers, watercolors, brush, etc.

The Last Paintings of the September 2015 “30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge”

The idea to complete the last paintings as postcards came to me when our Granddaughter, Emily, gave me a gift; a pretty little tin of  4 x 6 watercolor paper postcards. She had just returned from completing a year of study at the London School of Economics.

When last did you receive a postcard? I can’t remember when I did. Now I have a neat little collection of them hand-painted by………!

14-A Postcard from Switzerland rev.“A Postcard From Switzerland” –Switzerland

15-Vermillion Sunset at GC for FB“Vermillion Sunset at Grand Canyon”   –Arizona

16-West Texas Yucca for FB “Yucca Plants in West Texas”   –Near El Paso

18-Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes for FB“Indian Paintbrushes and Bluebonnets”   –Central Texas

17-Corner Lot in Texas“A Corner Lot in Texas”   –Near Schulenburg

19-Okaloosa Island, Florida“Okaloosa Island”  –Florida

20-Okaloosa Island Beach for FB“Okaloosa Island Beach”    –Florida

22-Deep Woods Pond for FB“Deep Woods Pond”    –East Texas

23-Summer Day in Vail, Colorado for FB“A Summer Day in Vail, Colorado”   –Colorado

24-Brothers for FB“Brothers”   –Galveston, Texas

24-Courtyard in Mistra“A Courtyard in Mistra”  –Greece

25-Wide Spot in the Creek“Wide Spot in the Creek”   –Central Texas

26-Chamisa for FB“Chamisa By The Road”    –New Mexico

27-India Evening“An India Evening”     India

28-Main Street“Main Street”      –New Mexico

29-Taos Blue“Taos Blue”    –New Mexico

30-Texas Backyard“A Texas Backyard”   –Central Texas

 I painted each of these from photos I’ve taken myself, except for two; I have never been in India or Greece. I asked and got the permission from the photographers in each case.

More postcards are in the tin waiting to be painted. I’ll get to them another day….or month. Maybe the next 30-in-30 challenge.

Self-portrait for Blog 7-16-15Me, after completing the 30-in-30 Challenge.

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8 thoughts on “The Last Paintings

  1. Congratulations on completing another 30-in-30 Challenge! I liked them all but think the last one – “A Texas Backyard” is my favourite. I need to bring you some photos from my last visit to the UK sometime for you to paint. :>) Please remind me the time & location of the art show this month. TTFN!

    • Thank you, Melanie. The art show will be on Saturday, October 24 from 12:30 until 4 (A come and go event) at Kingwood Christian Church, 3910 W. Lake Houston Parkway in Kingwood.

    • Sheila, Thank you for the compliment and for subscribing to my blog. I really like your painting “Sunny Stems”, as I said, so like a Matisse, one of my favorite artists of the past. Your style is light-hearted and happy. January challenge……oh my….that’s difficult to think about now, but I probably will. Right now I’m getting ready for an art show this month with our local art group.

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