Jan. 2015 graphic

To See Each Painting Up-close Click Here

(They are found in “Acrylics and Oils” and “Abstracts” categories on the webpage.)

I painted sixteen paintings in the month of January 2015. The challenge was to paint one per day, 30-in-30, but considering life in general, I’m happy with managing sixteen….or 53.3% of the assignment.

If I would have presented that result to an instructor in art school or college, I would have received a failing grade, I’m sure. But out here in the real world, at least this past month, things happen…for example, two laser eye procedures. These procedures were totally painless but still took two days per eye…..one for the procedure, the other day to recover clear vision.

Then, of course, I took time to visit with our Granddaughter who was home for a few days from her studies in London, attend an annual dinner for an orphanage in Uganda we help support, have lunch with friends and dinner out with another group. You know how it is.

I set out to paint only abstracts, but wavered at times into the more representational, even creating four (on the last line of the photo above) in a graphic style, which I enjoy.

The point of the 30-in-30 challenge is to develop the habit of painting regularly.

Of course, even Christmas comes regularly.

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4 thoughts on “53.3%

  1. Adele, I was getting concerned — no art for the remainder of January … 53.3% is commendable, especially with the quality of daily art you performed!


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