Forgotten Creek

Day Nine-30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

9-Forgotten Creek“Forgotten Creek”

12″ x 12″ Acrylic on gessobord.

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This painting is from a long-ago memory. My Father was an artist. Often all five of us would go with him on one of his many sketching/painting trips. When he would find a suitable campsite we would stop and get set up.

While my Father was sketching we three children would be free to roam and explore the dense woods of Texas surrounding our campsite. The high point would come when we discovered a long forgotten creek. It always provided many adventures and imaginary stories.

I remember another campsite in particular. It had a wide sandy beach, of all things. I loved that site best of all. The creek was perfect for swimming and I kept my swimsuit on during the entire trip….I even slept in it. However, one day a snake swam right by me, head up out of the water, looking around. I knew immediately it was a Water Moccasin. I made it out of the creek and to my Father in record time. He assured me snakes do not bite while in the water. I believed him and went right back to my swimming. Now I’m not so sure he was right, but then all I needed was his word.

I have lots of stories about my snake encounters while growing up in a very wooded area of Houston. I was the outdoorsy type…always playing outdoors, up a tree, out in the nearby wooded lot, or swimming in a drainage dish. Yes, me! Believe it or not….it is true.

I’m glad I have such a good memory.

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