Comfy and Roomy

Day Seven-30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

The Accessories-Jan. 7, 2015 blog diptych

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Today’s painting is “Roomy”, the one on the right above. It is happy to be paired with “Comfy“, a friend in the spirit of graphic art.

I enjoy graphic art and have created many, many paintings in that style, some very large. If I had to give my definition of graphic art it would be:

Art that focuses primarily on design, using color, composition and subject matter in unconventional ways. Often text is used as part of the design (which is REALLY fun). Graphic art has no concern for perspective. (What a relief!)

That’s just MY definition; art professors and art critics may have another…..or more.

Back to “Roomy”: This handbag is strictly from my imagination, so don’t ask me where to buy it. I’m sure there must be a very similar one out there.

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