Radical Lite

Day Five-30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

Radical and Radical Lite-A diptychThe Radicals

“Radical Lite”

12″‘ x 12″ Acrylic on gessobord

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With the creation of “Radical Lite”, “Radical” just became part of a diptych.

Definition: diptych, n….a work made up of two matching parts.

For some reason, when two similar objects……paintings, vases, figurines, furniture, on and on…..are placed together, they take on more significance. I’m not sure why.

 The “radicals” have generally the same color palette . “Radical Lite” is not so far out there because it has a few more identifiable forms…… squares, stars and squiggles….much less intense from its companion which has only small flowers.

I wonder if they argue and compare. Probably.

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4 thoughts on “Radical Lite

  1. “The microscopic examination of the patient’s blood revealed that her 60s radicalism had not fully left her system, even after 50 years.”

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