Laguna Sunset

30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

Day 22

22-Laguna Sunset

“Laguna Sunset”

8″ x 10″ Original watercolor on watercolor paper.

Hooray! I need to paint only eight more paintings to complete this project. This is my third 30 in 30 challenge and true to the others, the last week is the most difficult. I’m tempted to post “old” paintings I’ve done, but I want to stay honest to the exercise….an original painting each day. However, I did bend the rules a little; I painted two in one day including “Laguna Sunset” so I could watch the Houston Texans football game yesterday afternoon. Considering the outcome of that game, I’m not sure I’ll do that next week.

I’ve always been interested in sunsets and how they create dark silhouettes of objects in the middle or foreground of a scene. Our daughter and her family spent their spring break this year in southern California and sent photos.

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4 thoughts on “Laguna Sunset

    • Thanks, Kathy. There are no two sunsets alike, which gives the artist a lot of room to create. Whose to say that particular cloud should not be lavender? Land and seascapes are much easier than portraits or architecture.

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