30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

Day 18



8″ x 10″ Original watercolor on watercolor paper.



I painted this same scene in acrylics on panel last year and enjoyed doing it. Painting it in watercolor was also enjoyable, but very different. Switching mediums has been a helpful exercise for me; the same goes for  drawing with pencil or charcoal regularly.

As I mentioned in my blog before, watercolor painting begins with light colors while acrylics or oils begin with the darkest tones. Watercolors dry lighter, acrylics and oils stay about the same intensity. I like intensity; color is my number one reason to select a subject to paint, as I said in my blog yesterday. Therefore, intensity of color has been my biggest challenge when using watercolors. But, I’m learning and having a lot of fun.

Ever onward……. to Day 19,

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4 thoughts on “Wisteria

  1. I love the colors in “Breakfast Colors”, so vibrant. I also love the softness of “Wisteria”; such a beautiful scene.

    Love you

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