At Home In The Alps

30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

Day 13

13-At Home In The Alps

“At Home In The Alps”

10″ x 8″ Original watercolor painting on watercolor paper.

Switzerland surprised us, at first. We were not expecting the warm weather. The village of Grindlewad where we were staying was warm. The elevation of Grindleward is 3,392 feet, about the same as Lubbock, Texas with 3,256 feet. However, on our several train trips up into the very high Alps we found deep snow and cold weather…..just what we had expected.

From the train window we saw cattle grazing dotted here and there on the mountain slopes; and yes, their cow bells were ringing. Further down the mountain side were hotels with pots of  bright red Geraniums on the windowsills and porch banisters. But, to me, the most charming scenes were the many cozy homes tucked into the landscape well below the highest Alps. What must it be like to live amidst such beauty?

Will  I ever get around to painting from all the photos I took on that trip? Maybe so; this is just Day 13 of the Challenge.

Ever onward,

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4 thoughts on “At Home In The Alps

  1. Ah, this brought back such lovely memories of our trip through the Swiss Alps…many years ago, Adele! Charm surrounded one. When we returned home, I wanted to have window boxes full of those vibrant red geraniums!

    Thanks for the revived memories! GW

    • Gloria, I’m glad I could bring back the good memories for you. Yes, I love red geraniums, too…or pink, or salmon…but mostly the red…in an old clay pot. Wouldn’t window boxes be fun?

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