Let The Challenge Begin…..

The Challenge: PAINT 30 PAINTINGS IN 30 DAYS!

Ready, Set.......Sept. 2014 challenge

I’m ready, I’m prepared and eager to get started.

Since signing on to the September 2014 art challenge, I’ve been preparing and I imagine every artist in the challenge is doing the same. At last count, 667 artists worldwide have accepted the challenge. Our host, California artist, Leslie Saeta, emails all the latest information about the challenge including a world map showing each artist’s location. It’s fun to know you are part of a group of artists you will never meet but share a love for art and a desire to improve our skills.

Here are a few things needed  to be ready!

  1. Decide which medium to use. For most other artists I know, that is never a question because they usually work in one medium. Me? I like so many mediums, I always have to take time to decide. This time I chose watercolor and ink.
  2. Buy all needed supplies….paper, ink pens, watercolors.
  3. Have at least 30 references to go by! In my commercial illustration days we called them “Go-Bys”. Appropriate! These references can be a hard copy photo, but I prefer to have my references on my laptop or in my slide projector…as in the photo above. All my references are my own photography, or I’ve been given permission to use from another photographer. This involves lots of uploading, categorizing into folders, etc. After all, when the challenge starts time is important. I must say that there are always some very devoted plein air painters (they paint outdoors) who probably will continue that method in the challenge. Not me!
  4. Update my website. This step is optional. Mine needed it.
  5. Decide on a theme. I decided NOT to decide. That’s a decision, isn’t it? I want the freedom to change my mind.
  6. Clear your calendar for the entire month….if at all possible. You’ll need time and energy for this challenge. I like the motto, “Make the main thing, the main thing.” This month my art will be the main thing.
  7. Plan a daily schedule. The rules, which really aren’t rules at all, say to upload the painting on Leslie’s blog, (remember Leslie Saeta…the California artist who started this whole thing?) by midnight each night..and to your own website and blog, for the world to see. This is my third 30 in 30 challenge and I remember how pressured I felt to meet that deadline. But I did. This time I’m more prepared.
  8. Practice! For several years now I’ve painted only in acrylics or oils, so I knew I needed practice in watercolors because it had been a long time since I had worked in that medium. I gave myself a Summer 2014 Art Project and painted a total of 15 watercolors with ink. I also found time to do a dozen or so pencil sketches.

Well, that’s about all the preparation I can think of at the moment. Oh yes, I’ll be sending out a DAILY blog, showing the painting of the day with a brief commentary on the process, why I chose that subject, problems encountered, and any other information about the day. I hope you enjoy them!

Please visit my newly updated website, http://www.artbyadelebower.com.

“Begin at the beginning…and go on till you come to the end: then stop. “

From Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”_________Lewis Carroll

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4 thoughts on “Let The Challenge Begin…..

  1. Good luck on your upcoming challenge. I just went and looked at your updated website, it looks amazing, very clean and well organized.

    I love you

    • Thanks, Karen. I’m glad you like my website. I’m looking forward to the challenge….and it really will be a challenge. I just need to remember what it was like to work in an art studio. The art director expected fast artwork, because there was always more artwork waiting to be done. I did it then and I can do it now. (Positive self-talk!)

  2. Adele, when I saw the word “Challenge” — “Is Adele going to take the ALS ice bucket challenge?”

    Sounds as if you’re set for the art challenge! Love the ending quote!! Great one to remember!


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