“She’s Just An Illustrator”

I like to do many styles of art, and use many different mediums. This makes me “just an illustrator.” Go ahead and call me that….I LOVE the title. More about this in an upcoming blog.

In art school the number one priority for each assignment was to meet the deadline. If we were even minutes late turning it in, we received a 0….regardless of the quality of the work we had just done. If you met the deadline, your work was graded the usual way. They were training us for the real world of commercial illustration and design where the artist must produce on schedule; the client is waiting.

Doing this 30 in 30 challenge reminds me of my days working in the real world of commercial art, in a studio or freelancing where discipline and determination are required. Of course, the work I’m doing now is labeled fine art not commercial illustration. You may not realize there is an ongoing debate about what is “fine art” and what is “commercial illustration”. I’ve come up with my own opinion and definition:

Commercial illustration is any art contracted with a client to meet their requirements. The client tells you what to paint.

Fine art is any art the artist chooses to do then  hopes someone buys it.

Just so you’ll understand the intensity of the debate “fine art vs. illustration”, Norman Rockwell is considered by many to have been “Just an illustrator.” Yikes!

WEEK THREE of my 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

March 2014

Week Three collage March 2014 Pg. 1Week Three collage March 2014 Pg.2

These paintings (originals or fine art reproductions) are for sale on my website, http://www.artbyadelebower.com.

 “Use what talents you possess-the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there

except those that sang best.” _____Henry Van Dyke

Back to work,

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4 thoughts on ““She’s Just An Illustrator”

  1. I know how you feel about the comments about illustrators, but I’m sure that even Norman Rockwell would consider you to be fine company! Loved your 30 in 30 and can’t wait for more!

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