Quick! Destroy That Painting!

…Or Week One of my “30 PAINTINGS IN 30 DAYS CHALLENGE” !

In every artist’s life comes the day(s) when they paint a really bad painting(s). My most recent day came this week which called for immediate action, lest someone drift into my workroom and actually SEE it. Fortunately, very few people drift into my workroom; my cats do, but they usually just want to be fed.

For years I’ve had a workable system for destroying my bad art;

I scribble over it with a giant blue marker…sneak it into the trash out in the driveway….in a plain brown paper bag….tied with a twisty..at the bottom of the kitchen garbage…under the coffee grounds.

I have a special marker at the ready for just such a moment.

Art destroying tool 2-8-14

After my bad art had marinated out there in the garbage can for a few days, it occurred to me that I really like abstract art and maybe I acted hastily. The wide blue scribbles might win prizes with some art show judges. But the odor of old coffee grounds might break the mood.

So I started over on another painting. Of course, any artist who paints with acrylics knows you can scrub it off with ordinary alcohol. But I paint with an “Impasto” technique (art speak for “thickly”) and it takes a long time to clean the panel and lots of alcohol….raising the price of the future painting on that panel (Time is money!) to at least twice the usual price. So I gave up that method and turned to my marker.

I pressed on and managed to create 7 paintings in 7 days, so I’m on track.

Week One Collage 3-8-14 blog

For information and a closer look at my Week One paintings please visit my website:


Now, back to the paint and easel. After all, today is Day 8. Another day…….another painting!

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7 thoughts on “Quick! Destroy That Painting!

  1. I love all your paintings for this week!!
    And that abstract might have been a real winner! My advice: hold onto them and reconsider before trashing…Although the faint aroma of coffee grounds could add a certain flair! 🙂

    • Becky, I’ve observed through my years in art, that many artists tend to begin painting abstracts….eventually. I’m not quite there, yet, but getting closer. Thanks for your encouragement.

  2. All of the paintings are beautiful. I actually would have liked to see the reject painting, you never know. Keep up the beautiful work. I love you

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