My New Year’s Resolutions…….Things I Resolve NOT to Do Next Year.

Before I even start writing this resolutions blog, I should step away from the device and go back to bed. You see, I’m still in the throes of some awful respiratory thing since Christmas Day. But, gee whiz, there is only one day that counts if you want to tell your resolutions for the new year with any impact at all….and that would be today.  So here goes.

1. I resolve NOT to dye my hair red.  I really like this watercolor I painted (from my imagination) but red is just not my color. So far brown has worked well, thanks to “Trisha, the Color Genius”, my hairdresser.

New Year Resolution blog 12-31-13 SM“Amber” Watercolor & Graphite Pencil on paper. Artist: Adele Bower

2. I resolve NOT to make even one resolution concerning what I WILL do in 2014. They have never worked before. Why try again now?

3. I resolve NOT to post on Facebook that I will do 30 paintings in the month of January or any month….ever again! How did I know I was coming down with this awful thing?

4. I resolve NOT to commit to anything or sign on the dotted line…ever….unless it agrees with my “all-time favorite dreams I hope come true when I grow up.”

5.  (Getting serious here!) I resolve NOT to send emails to anyone again who never replies. There! I said it.

6.  I resolve NOT to go to the gym and do exercises that make me limp for a week. I’ll go but I don’t even want to break a sweat. Is that asking too much, dear Personal Trainer? I don’t think so.

7.  I resolve NOT to eat anything I don’t like. Period.

8. I resolve NOT to watch any movie or TV that has anything to do with Christmas or New York City…..until very late next December.

9. I resolve NOT to tell even one more person ever again that my name is correctly pronounced  Ah-DAY-la (with the accent on DAY). Those friends who care, know how to pronounce it, don’t they?  So what if it’s an old family name from way back in Germany; for heaven’s sake I’ve had it myself a really LOOOOOONG time.

and finally

10. I resolve NOT to say “NOT” ever again.

Have a Happy New Year!

first name signature(Ah-DAY-la)

14 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolutions…….Things I Resolve NOT to Do Next Year.

  1. Well, AhDAYla, I really enjoyed your resolutions!!  Hope you are much better.  Enjoy eating all the things you like, I know I do!!  God bless you everyday, especially at the gym!  Alma

    • Hi Alma, Glad you enjoyed my Resolutions. I had fun writing about them. I’m slowly recovering and have noticed I’m beginning to get so used to spending the day in my pajamas that now getting dressed sounds like a lot of trouble. Guess I’ll have to “get dressed” sooner or later. Good to hear form you and thanks for the comment.

  2. Do you feel Free from your resolutions and urges, there is power in saying no, power in saying no. There is wonderful power in saying no! (poetic license taken by me)

  3. Bold resolutions! Even if you don’t keep all of them, making a list of what you want to change is a good exercise. At least that’s what I tell myself when I make lists like this… I believe in you!

  4. I never thought about have a NOT list…good thinking but then you have always been our leader right! I see you did NOT include NOT teaching another home Bible study class so is there still hope???? I sure miss you and ALL of my “Girlfriends”! Happy New Year my friend to you and David! I love you lots and miss you more 🙂

  5. Such great resolutions to “NOT” have 🙂 … Good job! I wish you success “not” doing all of those 😉 … BTW… thanks for the Christmas card… we loved it… This “end of the year” was a weird one for us… thankfully it’s all turned out to be good… but we didn’t get to make Christmas cards this year… it all stayed as an “unprinted” project in my Wal-greens “photo” account 😦 … Happy New Year!

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