The Houston Texans Football Team

Why I would make a lousy football coach!

My blog is intended as an art blog, but some other interests of mine are so important they can’t be ignored; like The Houston Texans football team. Remember in my last blog I mentioned how much I like to talk? Well, this morning I was airing my feelings and emotions about the game yesterday against the Raiders. But when I got tired of just talking to the mirror in my dressing room, (my husband was as far away as he could get and working in his home office)…… I thought “Hey, I have a blog…all my own…the perfect place to….talk!”

When I was in high school and on our drill team, I attended every football game. Soon I began to think I would like to be a football coach instead of an artist. After all, I had a grasp of terms such as first downs, four downs, over-on-downs, field goals, touchdowns and I even learned to spot which player was the Quarterback…..IF they were lined up for the next play. However, when I graduated I drifted into the art field. My head had cleared but I did not lose my love for watching the game.

My husband is also a fan of the Houston Texans, but being a perfectionist he doesn’t like to actually watch the game. He bought me a “Smart TV” for our bedroom. He prefers watching a science fiction flick at that time.  When a fabulous play happens I yell for him and he comes running to see the wonderful play. Good ‘ole DVR. My TV is so smart, I barely know how to turn it on, and I’m not kidding.

We have two sons, both of whom played baseball growing up and dabbled in football. We also have three Grandsons, one of whom played football until a torn ACL and four surgeries due to that injury ended his football dreams. He has accepted that and is in his third year of college and doing well.  All our Grands, including the Granddaughters, are outstanding young people…but I’m getting off the subject.

I suspect now that I was probably the ONLY person in the universe who said yesterday….”Oh, I’m so happy they are giving Matt a chance to play”. I ran down the hall to tell David the good news. I like Matt Schaub and always will. Of course, knowing only a teeny bit about football gives me free rein to love whomever and  whatever I choose to love. No real discernment or accountability is required of me. But don’t get me wrong; the Bower household and extended family is rife with graduates of the University of Houston and Case Keenum has long been our favorite Quarterback. We are thrilled to have him on the Texans team. But shouldn’t everyone get a chance to play?  I sound like a little league parent, don’t I? But that’s me.

Yes, I would make a lousy football coach because…

I look at football through the eyes of a Mother and a Grandmother. I care about every one of the players, even the opposing team players. I’ve even cried recently and prayed for a player on the other team when he was badly injured. I hate injuries. Frequently, I say “Bless his heart” when a player misses a perfectly thrown pass, or fumbles the ball on the 1/2 yard line. Then when coach Kubiak collapsed on the field two Sunday’s ago…I was traumatized. I was stunned into silence except for saying over and over again, “Bless his heart”. (I’m a native Texan…that’s what we say!) I wondered how in the world those players could go out on the field to play the second half. I know, I know….they lost…..but….wow, that took focus. I prayed for them all.

It’s a good thing I chose art instead of football coaching. The world has never missed me on the sidelines. But I’ll be right back in my very own recliner, with my very own Smart TV next Sunday and saying……”Bless their hearts” and…..


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7 thoughts on “The Houston Texans Football Team

    • Kathy, That is weird. I had not noticed that and had no idea. About make-up mirrors….get a dimmer switch for your dressing room. It’s very encouraging. Just don’t check your make-up outside. (I’m still confused about how this REPLY thing works on my blog.)

  1. No Adele everyone should not always play especially at the mega salaries. Case needs coaching and the chance to develop his skills. Bless your heart means someone does not measure up but tried, maybe. The whole season has been so strange that laughing is about all you can do. I did that at beginning of season when Super Bowl was mentioned, thinking this was team that gave up losses to mediocre teams last year. I would like to see you talking to your mirror. I sometimes think my head might run away as I have so many conversation inside it. Maybe I will try the mirror. Good blog!

    • Kathy, Wowee! I was about to tell you to lighten up, but you finished on a good note. Thanks. You mean you have never talked to your mirror? You can check your make-up at the same time.

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