“George…Are You Awake?”

When something happens to me that is funny, confusing, curious, or otherwise just out-of-the-ordinary, I usually  write about it.  I write a lot.  “The Mentor” is about an actual happening several years ago. I came home and wrote it right away.

The Mentor

By Adele Bower © 2013

“George”, I whispered. “George. Are you awake?” I said softly.

“Umbleurgle sloop,” he replied.

“What? George, are you awake?” I raised my voice a little.

“Pdulcoeby  sllctt.”



“Are you awake?” I said sweetly.

“No, I was just resting my eyes. I always do that at 2 A.M.”, Jenny.

“George, I have a question about something that happened today and often happens.”

“What, Jenny?” George said with resignation.  

After all, he knows he is the spiritual leader of this home and should always be ready, willing, and able to give good counsel anytime. Encouraged by his enthusiasm, I went on.

“George, you remember that I was asked to be a mentor to younger women at our church?” I asked.

“Yes, Jenny. I remember.”

“And that I was so excited and honored to be recognized for my wisdom and experience?” I asked.

“Yes, Jenny. I remember.”

“Well, now that we are two months into our women’s ministry fall program, I don’t feel so honored and wise”, I moaned pitifully.

“Why ish dat, Jenny?” George said.

I noticed his voice was getting lower and his speech a bit garbled.

I sat up in bed, fluffed my pillow, and rearranged the covers…..you know,  do something quick. George was drifting back to sleep.

Still sitting up in bed, I began. “Yesterday during women’s ministry Bible study, we had our special time for small group prayer and share. I’m a leader…an older Christian Mom, full of wisdom and experience, right? Well, not one of them acted the least bit interested in my opinions. In fact, one young mother pointed out that things had changed since I raised our children and my advice showed that I just didn’t understand and couldn’t relate to what they are up against.”

Taking a moment to catch my breath, I continued. “How should I have answered her, George? I thought they wanted my counsel based on Biblical principles I had applied to raising our three children. They’ve become wonderful Christian young adults, haven’t they, George? What should I have said, George?”


“George, are you awake?”

 “Guess I’ll ask him in the morning.


cat snoozing cropped

“Cat Snoozing”, computer illustration by Adele Bower

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10 thoughts on ““George…Are You Awake?”

  1. I can’t wait to get advice from older, godly women when I become a mom! How are we supposed to do it without the wisdom of the generations??? I can think of at least 3 of these women that will definitely be getting calls from me in a couple years 😉

  2. Lord let me never turn away from the counsel of a godly woman, regardless of her age. I love the drawing. Love you

  3. Hahahahaha!!! He’s usually ready with a lengthy answer based on his vast understanding of both you and the Word of God! Ask him in the daylight….
    And by the way, don’t be so sure that they’re not listening. Everything about you is a testimony to God’s grace and faithfulness, and those young ladies must be learning something from you, spoken or unspoken.
    I know that I have!

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