What’s Wrong With Online Classes

There are many things I’ve been interested in during my long years. One is art; another is the Holy Bible, then of course, there’s diet, nutrition ,exercise and overall health. I’ve studied most of these disciplines quite a lot.

I went to college, graduated from art school, attended untold numbers of Bible classes, and live art workshops, belonged to a local art group, participated in art shows locally and nationally. I’ve even written and illustrated four children’s books, (which were published) and written five Bible studies and taught each one to large groups of women. I enjoyed two or three years of regular public speaking to women’s groups at retreats, banquets, and luncheons. I loved it all.

My experience in teaching has been about 15 years with women’s Bible classes at church and at home. And I loved it, until the years caught up with my strength. Therefore, about 10 years ago I turned to online classes for more leaning and yes, I have learned quite a lot more.  I’ve had terrific teachers and instructors and always recommend them to others. But lately I’m becoming bored with being taught. I’m bored with listening to someone else teach their subject. I’m bored trying their methods and instructions. But, I’m still getting older and limited in extended activities, Teaching my own classes live is no longer possible.

I’ve pondered why I’m so bored studying something I love so much such as art and the Bible. I’ve talked about my concern for hours to my long-suffering husband. He simply offers encouragement to do whatever makes me happy. Meanwhile I continued to wish I knew what that was.

Then finally this morning I may have found the answer. I’m bored with being taught because I want to interact with the teacher and other students. I want to discuss what we are learning, ask questions from others, get real, sincere criticism, advice how to improve my work. Yes, I’ve also learned not everyone likes to talk about my interests only theirs.

What in the world took me so long to realize this obvious answer? I know my personality; I’m talkative, love people, want to be appreciated, and contribute. The word contribute is key here.  I love to talk with others about my art, their art, what I’ve recently learned from my own Bible studies. I love to share and to receive from others. 

There you have my random thoughts and complaints, but I  have offered no solution. If you have one, or more……..let me know.


2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Online Classes

  1. WOW! Hi Debi. Yes, I remember you and your lovely art. You have certainly given me more ideas than I had ever considered. I’m overwhelmed. Thanks so much for your wonderful suggestions. I’ll have to think through your suggestions. Whew! I’m excited.

  2. Hi Adele – I believe we met thru Dream Love Paint several years ago! I can relate and identify with your thoughts – we have the same 2 main interests!! I have done online workshops which are fine, but as you said, no feedback and you don’t even know who else is in the class to be able to commiserate with it ask questions.

    I’m wondering if you might enjoying starting a small Zoom group with select artists whose advice you would respect? Sharing some of their bible-study, spiritual take-aways, maybe even how the Lord interacts with their art life, some “show and tell” projects/art, inspiration, etc. You could even do a little demo or share art tips, etc from your years of study. I for one would love to learn to paint your oil/watercolor sketches – love them so much!

    I know I threw a lot of ideas out there – just thinking out loud. Kind of like your go-to tribe that understands you, thinks similar, and has similar desires and goals.

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